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Help with NW A3000

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Hey guys thanks for reading first time posting so not sure if this is in the right forum but here goes,

purchased nw a3000 before christmas o5, it was upgraded to version 2.01 and i was using the latest sonicstage to transfer files. i recently re iniatialised my disc because of multiple duplicate files, i then proceed to use sonic stage to transfer my collection to the device, once this had finished i safely removed the device and bang it died and wont switch back on again, the player had a full battery and was working perfectly before the transfer. Any ideas wots happened and how to fix it or should i return it to sony for repair as it should still be in warranty???

again thanks for any help.


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First off, welcome!

Does the player react when you put it in the charger? Because you can try putting it in the charger for a while and try to start it up. What may be beter to try, is to hard reset the player. This will not cause you to lose data, but your player will probably start up again.


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hey adwol48,

to reset..to the right of the port for the data cable, there is that small hole and next to it it says reset... find something small enough to fit into that hole (like a small paperclip) and put it into the hole and force it in. you should feel a little resistance when you get the inner reset button

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