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Create dvid.dat file


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I also recently acquired a Sony Network Walkman player and had the same issue with jSymphonic, saying no DVID.DAT found. It's a "key" file that is specifically generated for your player so you can't just copy someone else's. When you use SonicStage software it automatically makes the file for you, but there's a much easier way of generating the key without needing to install SonicStage.

Basically what I did (after some research) is I downloaded a small Sony program called MP3 File Manager (search for it) and installed it. It automatically installs to C:\Program Files\Sony\MP3 File Manager folder (or \Program Files (x86)\ if you're on 64-bit Windows). Open that folder and launch CopyTool.exe as administrator, then (after connecting your player to the PC) choose your player drive on that tool, and it basically installs it on the player. A new folder called MP3FM is made on your player and it's this folder that will now contain the generated DvID.dat file that you need for jSymphonic (or Winamp with ML_SONY plugin).

You don't need to do anything else, just launch jSymphonic which will now detect that file and you can start transferring songs. Hope it works out for you!

(You can also use the plugin for Winamp instead which works well but I noticed it only allows transfer of MP3 files, not AAC for example (jSymphonic transferred my AAC files fine), and this plugin doesn't transcode files if you need that (jSymphonic comes with FFmpeg to automatically transcode files to compatible MP3 to your player, for example if your files on PC are FLAC it can convert them to the player); I should also add that if you use SonicStage after jSymphonic/ML_SONY it would break the database and you'd have to format - there's no reason to use SonicStage unless you somehow need ATRAC files because jSymphonic and Winamp don't support that)

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