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Switching track order with A608 & Sonic Stage...possible?

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Hello! I just upgraded an old E407 to an A608 and miss one really important feature from the old unit. In Sonic Stage with my E407, I could move, rearrange, and edit tracks with ease. I didn't use playlists or anything...I just threw tracks on the unit and arranged them as necessary. With my A608, I can't do this at all! When I transfer files, they're "stuck" in their original position on the player and can't be moved. Am I missing something really obvious here, or can I not do this with an A608? If this isn't possible, I'd rather go back to my E407. Thank you very much for your help!!

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I recently switched from using the NW-E507 to using the NW-A608 and had the same question. After doing some research and experimentation I was not able to find a way to arrange the tracks as I had with the E507. Apparently they are arranged by artist.

At first it really bothered me but now I just use the search function on the A608 and it is much easier to find what I am looking for. Hopefully you will be able to get used to it as well. Good luck!

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