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Question Regarding GYM with HD5


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I have a sony HW-HD5 and about a year ago I had a hard drive crash. I lost all my mp3's so I thought i would plug in my HW-HD5 and download them to my new hard drive. To my dismay I found that sonicstage did not allow for this and would only work if I had the original mp3's that I had upload to my HW-HD5 on my hard drive.

I found the GYM Grab Your Music For The Network Walkman the other day and thought I would give it a try. I have download GYM 1.2 Beta but have not run it yet because I have a few questions that I need answering.

1) Is GYM 1.2 Beta the latest version ?

2) Will GYM transfer the files from the HW-HD5 to my hard drive ?

3) What format will the files transfered from the HW-HD5 to my hard drive be in ?

4) If the files arent in mp3 format how do i convert them to mp3 format?

5) Will any of my music on my HW-HD5 be lost ?

6) Is GYM the only program to transfer files from the HW-HD5 to my hard drive ?

I hope someone can help me

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Well thankyou for all the replies they were very helpful :lol:

Well I followed the instructions using the GYM key wizard, Sonic Stage and my HW-HD5 and I managed to recover all of my mp3's from my HW-HD5 without any problems.

The only files I did loose were the cd's which I had loaded onto my HW-HD5 and converted into atrac. Thats ok as I still have the cd's.

So I would like to say thanks to everyone who had help in developing GYM and up yours Sony for not developing a program to do what GYM does.

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