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Question about battery of NW-E005

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well i want to ask does charging the player battery when it is low increases its life span.and also does it is effected by high temparatures.

The E005 uses LiIon battery. Charging it when it is low can actually harm the battery. LiIon batteries are designed to be frequently charged. Besides, the E005 will drain its battery after a couple days anyway (even when it is not used), so just charge it daily regardless of use.

As for temperature, yes, LiIon battery lifespan can be affected by temperature. As expected, extreme hot/col is not good.

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Guest Stuge

thank´s pata and a i have a question that theres nothing to do with this forum, but you seem to like j things, do you know a duo



You ask such queries in the lounge section of the forum .

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