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Cannot download to Walkman

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Hi hi,

I've installed SonicStage 4.3 on Windos Vista (HP Pavillion Compyu if that matters) and plugged in my SONY NW-A1200 into 3 different ports, (F:) drive, but SonicStage will only give me 3 options: Create Audio CD; Create ATRAC CD; Create MP3 CD; pertaining to the (E:) Drive.

The computer itself recognizes the walkman as a USB & asks if I want to view the files, which are all data files.

I've looked through the entire SonicStage to see if I can opt for something different but i can't find anything.


I've reinstalled SonicSatge 9 times.

Please Help.

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Guest Stuge

Welcome to AtracLife!

I think you will need to Format your walkman .

(I'm not 100 % sure whether this will solve the problem or not ).I have faced lot of problems using SonicStage 4.3 in Vista .

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well i think so ur sonicstage installation has been currupted well u should try to completely remove the ss whose procedure is mentoined in this site. u can chek ti. well i dont know whats with vista. but make sure that u r player is compatible with vista. well if u r sonicstage is ok u should wait for a while before shutting it down. i mean when u connect u r mp3 player when it is show as a usb drive. then open sonicstage and give it atleast 5 mins to get the full transfer list then u probably is not letting it wait. to detect u r device. ss takes some times while reading u r mp3 player. and for a hint u r harddisk reading light will be lighten, while ss is reading try it and then tell me if it works. but at first let ss give it some time before u see ur mp3 player in it.

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