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Have I lost my track ratings?

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Hi guys,

I have a NW-A3000 and have just upgraded from the previous version of SonicStage to release 4.3. It looks like I've disabled the 'intelligent' features as a result of upgrading as I have no track ratings on my player or SS screen. I've been manually rating my tracks via the NW-A3000 for a really LONG time any don't want to lose them!

Are my track ratings still stored and simply need turning back on by activating the intelligent features or have I 'wiped' the ratings by turning off the rating function?

I'm concerned that I'll lose my ratings as I can't appear to re-activate the intelligent features without connecting my player, but if I do connect my player I believe stored ratings within SonicStage will be overwritten by potentially null values within my player.

Please - any help would be appreciated.



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Right. I decided to put my theory to the test and this is what happened...

I found a way of turning intelligent features on through the advanced settings within SonicStage and my rating were displayed again :)

I then connected my player, it transferred stuff for quite a while, then my ratings reset :sad:

So basically, the ratings on the player do get reset when you turn off intelligent features and will then overwrite any ratings held within the SonicStage database.

Fortunately I saved my database files and overwrite the new files (updated by closing SonicStage) and the ratings are back.

My question is:

Is there a way to load track ratings from SonicStage to a device rather than from the device to SonicStage?

Any info would be really appreciated.


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