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Media Manager will transcode ATRAC!

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Having a browse through the Media Manager folder I found it contained an atrac plugin. Not surprising as the PSP version supports atrac and the frontpage of atraclife has a link to the sony media codec. Upon adding the folder containing my atrac music into MM I still didn't get anywhere, but by changing the *.oma extension to *.aa3 MM will play, transcode and copy those files to mp4 files on my NWZ818 :-). Including most meta-data, seems to lose the year though.

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MM wont play ATRAC gaplessly and neither are the transcoded mp4 files played on the walkman gapless. I don't think the PSP will play ATRAC gapless either? Discovered the year metadata is kept on transcoding except in a specific case when the day and month has been selected in sonicstage. Makes using both ATRAC walkmans and MTP walkmans together a little easier :-).

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Thanks F1rick - at least this highlights an ability to transfer ATRAC to the new NWZ's without a total conversion of files. I have over 75gb of ATRAC files, and was dreading the day when my current ATRAC compatible Walkmans bite the dust.

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