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Sharp or Sony? Where to buy? -> complete newbee

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Hi ! smile.gif

Quite alot of us listed at the purchasing links sections on main site ship to Germany. It's a good section to start off with selecting your preferred store. Other than that, store reviews help you gauge as well. biggrin.gif

Personally, I'd prefer a Sharp. Our crew are entirely MP3 converts and 24bit on Sharps really pulled us over! We carry a IMT-899WS each, hehe ! Then again to be fair, every model would be rather different in specs and functions.


TD Crew

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Just do what I did. Spend some time looking at this forum and the T-station forum for about a month. Really with any of the new players, Sony, Sharp, or the many other fine Japanese companies, you will have people with complaints, especially with the newer NetMD enabled recorders, but don't let that get to you. Figure out why exactly you want to go with MD and what you are going to use it for. With Live recording I see many people lean more toward the Sharp players, but I have been having no trouble and getting great quality live recordings with my Mz-N 707 and a simple lavier microphone. While people won't say its a new technology since it has a decade under its belt, its still one that is very much developing, and should in the near future once more of the digital rights controversy gets worked out have a larger portable audio niche.

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