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TOC cloning confirmation

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i have a JE630 and 520 at home and use TOC cloning a lot. problem is that i travel for work and want to be able to serious editing and copying on the road. i have a mzr900 i trael with. i recently purchased on ebay an MDS-S39 (supposedly pretty much the same internally as my 520) the equipment browser here says TOC cloning is possible, BUT IT ISN'T. when returning out of service mode with a disc inside it will always eject. i like that the MDS-S series is smaller than trying to travel with my JE520, but I need to be able to clone TOC's. The browser also says that the S40, S41 and S50 will let you you TOC clone, can anyone confirm this?

i don't want to buy another piece of equipment and then have it not TOC clone.

1. MDS-S39 will NOT allow TOC cloning.

2. Can anyone CONFIRM if the MDS-S40, S41 or S50 will allow TOC cloning?

Thanks for your time.


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I have found an answer and will post it in case anyone here is interested.

The MDS-S40 and 50 do NOT allow TOC cloning! They both eject the unit on returning to user mode. Seeing as how the MDS-S41 is just a slightly different version of the S40 I think it is safe to assume it will not allow TOC cloning either.


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