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Yamaha MDX E300 controlport?

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Hello all

Is anybody figured out the contorl port behind Yamaha MDX E300 rearpanel? I know it's use to connect to PianoGraft serise reciever, when you want to use systems IR remote. But... I would like to control it hardwired. So does anybody know, what the Reciever does to those IR commands before it sends those hardwired to MD (and deck)?

I have tried to learn IR codes to control that by putting one xantech emitter to amplifiers control out, but it wont be controlled by PC or with IR receiver connected to the MD (or deck) control in jack. Because the amplifier can control the Deck, so it should be possible for all? with the same commands. All I need to know, what is the thing that the amplifiers receiver do to those IR commands and emulate them?

I'll first, of course, asked from Yamaha, but they said, taht "sorry, we won't give info for you. just figure it out yourself". We'll I'm dump as an boot, so anybody???

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Guest Anonymous

I hafe figured this with serial analyser, and theres seem to be HEX data. But if I send this same HEXdata I record from controloutput to the MD, it won't do anything. Any ideas?

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