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Maybe new, maybe not.. . but useful. . joint text

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Hi guys,

Sorry if someone has already posted this or something like it, but here we go - how I make my SP recordings.

1. Copy original CD with my CDR-W33 and input text via keyboard.

(1a. This will also work using SonicStage ->tools->copy cd->make original compilation->check cd text->use CDDB for names).

2. Record to md from cd player w/ joint text (i use DEJ925 ->MZN910 or r900 or r90)

Why? Because with a cd made this way after the initial confirmation to transfer text all subsequent text is transfered automatically!! No more pressing enter at every song. I figured this out after buying CD's (the Raveonettes and The Ataris) that had cd text which all transferred after one "enter".

REJOICE! joint text the way it was meant to be - usable and hassle-free. All of the prior complaints about joint text were not really Sony's fault, it is something in the manufacturing of disc's with cdtext.

Yes, i know you will say it's a hassle to copy cd's in the first place, but i was doing that before to have back-ups of my cd's (and tapes and records - the W33 is terrific) anyway.

Also, you would think that Sony, with their SCMS crazed policies would stamp "copy" on a cd made with sonicstage, but it doesn't, it copies perfectly.

All this said, LP2 sounds pretty good to my ears (w/d66's) but I have md units in my home stereo (630) and 2 cars (8970's) that aren't MDLP so I am sticking with slightly better sounding LP because it would cost too much to retrofit home/cars. The only thing i use netmd for is titling. . . and not too much of that anymore.

jsut thought i'd share


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