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Anyone ever used one? Most of my music is on MD so it would be a nightmare to transfer it all but I'm hearing good reviews.

is this the music player of the future?

I'm about to purhcase either the N910 of F810 but am having second thoughts having heard about the ipod

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I've had the chance to fiddle with one, and they are very nice. Good sound, slick interface, convenient size, okay-but-not-as-good-as-MD battery life.... :wink:


I also have 100s of MDs & CDs, with only a small handful of MP3s on my computer. I'd have to do some serious ripping to get everything transferred to an iPod, and it sounds like you're in the same boat.

My 2 cents: get the MD, since you already have the music and the media. By the time your new MD poops out, we'll know for sure if Sony plans on running MD into the ground by placing a few more restrictions on the technology {/bitter}

Seriously, iPods are nice, but you'll have to really embrace MP3s and keep backups in case the iPod crashes on you.

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Ipods are awesome. They are mp3 players that can store amazing amounts of mp3s. The only way i would recomend anyone getting it is if:

1) You have a high speed connection: no use taking advantage of all the space if you can't download more than an mp3 or two a night.

2) You have a bunch of money to spend. Those things aren't cheap, the used 20gb ones, which will hold a bunch of songs, run for 350 on EBAY. lol. the 5gb which are still big, go for around 150 on ebay. New the 30's go for 500, and the 5's go for 250. The 5's could get about 1000 songs onto them, so thats a lot. But many need more than that.

3) You're not interested in recording from mic in or line in, just mp3. That's basically all these are. They can't do anything other than that.

4) You don't need to go long times without recharging. These suckers last about 10 hours playback time. Now they charge in a flash, I.E. The 5gb charges to 80% in an hour. But with only 10 hours of life, don't go taking any long car trips.

5) You don't care about size. They are small for mp3 players but not when compared to md players. The 5gb one weighs 6.5 ounces. Normall md players weigh a little over half of that.

The 5gb ipod is 2.43 by 4.02 by 0.78 inches = 7.6915

Md's are around 3 by 2.8 by .78 = 6.552.

Only a little over an inch, but makes a huge difference.

If you're not interested in any of that. Absolutely go for an Ipod. They're the best mp3 players on the market.

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