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Strange charging behaviour of N10

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Guest Anonymous

Hi people

I've had an N10 since xmas and so far so good biggrin.gif but i have one question regarding charging. It has a LIion battery so it doesnt have to be fully drained before charging but whenever i go to charge even if there is only one bar left it will only charge for 20/30 minutes before fully charged. :?: is this normal???

For example today i was listening to the MD for a good hour with the battery on one bit out of four so i know that there wasnt much left. I just put it onto charge and it says 15 mins left??? WTF! either i have some kind of super battery smile.gif or something is not right??

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Well, that sounds kinda funny. However, I do know that the internal lithium ion battery charges pretty quickly. The longest I've ever seen mine need to charge has been an hour and a half, and I believe that's when the battery was dead. My unit typically requires less than half an hour to charge.

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