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?????? which player ?????????

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hello people, i need some advice please on which mobile player to buy (my first).

what i need it for is to record my favourite radio show once a week(ahem)thru either my stereo or pc to a top quality storage type thing!

soon im going to get a digital radio.

and occasionally i might load some mp3s on to it.

id like something that is nice and loud thru the headphones for drum n bass, hiphop, etc.

im prepared to pay up to £150 ( i live in the uk, i dont know the conversion rate) but something that aint far off that spec for a lot cheaper will do me.

thanks for any help.

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I think the Sharp IM-DR420 would suit you quite well. It runs for about 110 pounds in Europe, I believe.

a place you can get it:


and more information about the actual unit:


Have you heard about Hi-MD yet? I think that regular MD will suit you, but it's important you know of it. Welcome to the forums, too! :happy:

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thanks for the reply.

i said i couldnt get hold of this unit before i had to edit the entire post!

ive found it for £109 on amazon uk.

i just have one more question for you.

i am also thinking of buying a digital radio separate ( pure drx 701es).

ive sure i can connect the minidisc recorder to this.

but can i set a record timer on the 420H to record my show?

once again thanks for your help.

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