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looking for md deck separate

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Im looking to spend around £200.

As a complete newbie, i cant really come up with any other technical specifics.

Although good sound quality is obviously a requirement.

I dont even know if there is a difference between coaxial/ optical soundwise?

I would rather buy new than ebay and i had a look on the equipment section too, but lack the knowledge really to make a decision all by myself.

So digital in/out with timer ( oh and longplay ) recording, good sound quality and around £200, if you could give me any advice please.


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I'd recommend the Sony MDS-JB980 or MDS-JE780 decks (I have the 980). These have all the facilities you require, though are slightly above your budget of £200.

They both have the latest version of ATRAC (Type-S), so sound top-notch. They also have external timer recording facilities (you need to buy the timer separately).

I've seen both of these for sale in London recently, eg. Sony Centres, and other audio outlets.

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A good choice. I have a JB980 and it seems to be pretty near perfect. The timer is basically an electric plug with a clock on it which turns the power on and off at specific times. You can get them from Woolworths, Dixons, Maplins etc., or at Argos. (Click on link).

You can get mechanical as well as electronic (digital) timers, which would work OK and are cheaper, but the electronic ones are more accurate (and less noisy and fiddly).

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Yes it's a doddle. There's a timer switch (on the deck) that if you set it to "Rec" it records from the connected source (eg. radio) as soon as the timer comes on. Of course the source has to be on itself at the time of recording.

You can also set the deck to do timed playbacks if you so wish.

You can record several times/programs with electronic timers depending on the recording mode and time left on a disk. It's all very convenient, so have fun with your timer.... :laugh:

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