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....and a few questions, I'm a novice to the MD world, want a minidisc mainly for recording gigs and rehearsals, (jazz band small venues mainly). I'm writing from the UK and have a budget of around 150stirling. These pages have been really helpful but I have a few queries? I'm attracted to Sharp DR420 because it seems to have a good reputation for live recording, but lots of posts from people who seem to know what they're talking about say wait for 'Hi-MD', but is this new technology just a let down? I do want to upload to PC and burn CD's, will Hi-MD make this any easier? I basically want a reliable, relatively easy to use machine, not worried about high spec stuff, unless it really makes a difference.

Thanks for your troubles!

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At the moment, I believe that the software allowing you to upload live recordings from Hi-MD units isn't shipping, but will at a later date. If you need a unit right now, get the Sharp, it will not disappoint. You can still "upload" and burn to CDs with non Hi-MD units, except it needs to be done in real-time. If you are happy with that, there is no need for Hi-MD. :smile:

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