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Please help, new md owner!

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Sorry for basic question. I have just bought a sharp md. I record lectures at university with it, and it sounds great! :love:

Problem: I want to hear my recordings on my stereo in the kitchen or on my cd-deck in my car.

I have no clue how to do this. Can one copy md's to CD's ? Or is there a cable....

No one there to help me?

:sad: / Lina from Sweden

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To listen to your recordings through your kitchen stereo, (assuming it has a line in jack, most do) simply get hold of an analouge patch cable, put one end into your MD's headphone jack, turn the volume up to max and plug the other end into your stereo's line in. Simple!

Some stereos require you to select "Line" or "Aux" mode so you can hear the music, so check this too.

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