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FS: DR7, broken MT180, 113 discs, 2 extra batteries

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Blue DR7 minidisc recorder. Bought in October 03 from Audiocubes, hasn't seen much use since Feb. Pulled it out a week ago or so, works fine. Accessories: Remote, two extra gumstick batteries, carrying pouch, original and one extra AA battery pack, one 4 pole mini to RCA cable, one mini to RCA cable, ear buds from MT180 recorder (don't have original earbuds). 2 AC adapters, one came with DR7 that accepts 100V power (American style plugs) that I haven't used, one that accepts 120V (American style plugs) that I have used with DR7.

Also: broken MT180 Minidisc recorder. I broke it while taking it apart (have never taken DR7 apart), and now the optical reader no longer moves at all or gets any power. It makes for a great battery charger, as the cradle charger of the DR7 is not a good way to charge batteries, and also allows you to charge batteries while listening to music on the DR7.

113 Minidiscs: 18 clear Memorexs, 80 minute length, locally bought. 30 multicolored Fujis, 80 minutes, bought here but are Axia(Japanese) clones. 20 Black Fujis, 80 min., local. 10 Sony Color, 74 min., local. 5 Sony Bianica, 74 min., imported. 10 TDK Fine, 80 min., imported. 10 TDK Music Jack, 80 min., imported. 10 rainbow colored Emtec (originally a company named BASF), 80 min., local.

Disc cases: 16 single disc hard plastic slip cases, came with TDKs. 8 single disc hard plastic clamshell cases, came with Emtecs. 3 six disc hard plastic cases, came with Memorexs. 1 thirty disc hard plastic case, got with portable unit long sold. 5 single disc soft plastic slip cases, came with Sony Bianicas. 12 five disc soft plastic cases, came with Fujis and Sony Colors.

Also original boxes for MT180 and DR7.

I'm looking for $250 for all of it. I want to get rid of all of it in one swoop, so right now I'm not interested in parting out anything right now. Feel free to make offers on all of it or on separate items however. I'm only looking for money though, no trades for hardware.

Payment: Check, money order, concealed cash in an envelope, or Paypal only from a bank account (though that may change). If you need time to transfer money, I am willing to wait.

Shipment: In the US, the $250 includes shipment via UPS or USPS (with signature). I might consider Canada but it may be extra. I might consider outside of North America but it will definitely be extra.

I may not be able to respond immediately, so please be patient if you PM me. I will consider people in the order I receive PMs.

Feedback at Head-Fi.org

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