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Odd advice needed

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I have a special problem... my almost 2 years old unit (MZ-N505) is showing signs of aging (BLANK or NODISC 1/5, forward button acting as reverse SOMETIMES, among other things) but because it's intermittent problems, FutureShop won't take it back from me (they're like... it works fine!). My extended warranty wears off in a month of so... I don't want the unit to die on me a week after that. Any suggestions to 'make it die' faster, but in a way that's not detectable? Short-circuit, anything? I'm a biologist and don't know much in electronics... any help appreciated.

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Yeesh. I'd say if you want to send it back against the warranty, don't try to make it die any faster. The tech guys could likely spot any abuse. Is there a way you could spend a few hours with it trying to recreate some of its glitches? Find a disc that it won't play almost every time. Write down how many times you have to try before it says NODISC, and give them the disc with the 505 so they can try. Basically, act like Consumer Reports and test the thing to death. That way when you take it in, you can tell the guy, "This is what it does--it doesn't crap out every time, but it's enough to be useless at the end of the day." Encourage them to test the thing instead of trying it once.

Something else you could do is just tell them that it doesn't act up all the time, but since it's still under warranty, could you just swap it for a different 505? Tough, since the 505 was discontinued, but they don't need to know you know that. Basically, act all clueless, helpless and frustrated--but polite and understanding. Maybe you can sucker them into giving you a break.

I don't know if you can talk to them in person--it would be a big help if you could. But I wouldn't recommend breaking the machine any further if you still mean to use that warranty.

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