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'800: live recording (display time remain,prevent autosplit)

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I'm used my NHF-800 a few times for live music recording. I've used it in most modes (MD and HiMD media, and SP, Hi-SP and PCM modes, and with both Mic and Line in). Overall I like the extra flexibility. I can get really long recordings in Hi-SP (no disk chanages) or good quality in PCM.

I now have some questions:

- Is there a way to prevent automatic track marking at silence/breaks in the input?

- Is there a way to display total time recorded, or total time remaining? This is related to above. When it keeps adding breaks I have not idea how much time is left! I haven't checked this closely, but it seems to insert automatic breaks in SP and Hi-SP modes, but not PCM modes. Note: I need level meters displayed at all times.

- Finally, is there a way to monitor (on headphones) when I playback in Sonicstage? I mean to enable the headphone jack on the MD unit, not the computer.

- Oh yeah, is there a way to display levels *during playback*? That is one thing I liked about my old unit (MZ-R37).



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Ok, here is what i've found:

you can't stop automatic splitting, 'SYNC REC' is for digital recording.

and PCM recording also splits.

you can show the remaining recording time, while in record mode go to Menu > Display> RecRemain

BUT that gets rid of the level meters, which is no good for you.

you can't monitor from the MD headphones while playing in SonicStage.

as you probably know, when you playback it warns you that sound goes through PC speakers. You can't seem to alter it.

Tho you can listen to the radio while connected to PC through the

remote, but that is alot of use!

Finally, there is no way to see the playback levels on the 800, none

of the displays have it and no settings relate to it.

Its clearly not designed for serious recording, is it?!

hope this helps, Dave

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