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  • NetMD Driver 64-bit Win7 or Vista By sfbp

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    These are the drivers you will need to get NetMD devices to work with 64-bit Windows 7 and Vista. For Hi-MD devices in Hi-MD mode, no driver is needed, however for NetMD mode you will still need this.

    Compatible models:

    NetMD: MZ-N1 LAM-1 MDS-JB980 MZ-N505 MZ-S1 MZ-N707 MZ-N10 MZ-N910 MZ-NF810/N710 MZ-NF610/N510 MZ-NE410 MZ-NE910/NE810 LAM-10 AM-NX1 MDS-S500 AM-NX9 Sharp IM-MT880/899 Sharp IM-DR400/410 Sharp IM-DR420/DR80/DR580 Kenwood DMC-S9NET Panasonic SJ-MR250 Hi-MD:
      MZ-NH1 MZ-NH3D MZ-NH900 MZ-NHF800/NH700 MZ-NH600/NH600D MZ-N920 MZ-DH10P MZ-RH10/M100 MZ-RH910/M10 MZ-RH1/M200 Others:
      C7NT L7HD 333NT/373NT (Note: PCLK functionality will NOT work with this driver set, so no M-Crew is possible unless you use the XP virtual machine in W7 Pro or Ultimate)

    Here's a video one user posted in the forums. Thanks muchly, "proudofmylife"
    A word to the wise: if you want to see what is actually depicted (text), recommend watching on youtube rather than in this window here. That's an option if you right-click the screen shot here. That will allow you to view in full screen, thereby seeing the details quite clearly.