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  1. turbodemon

    PC to MD

    Hi Stephen Thanks for your reflexion, i think that right now MD is getting serious when PC recording is requiered thanks to the looseless encodings and hi quality optic outputs, i have been recording from original to MD and then FlAC of the original to MD and it is very hard to tell the difference. Perhaps a MD format revival? time will tell... I would like to hear about other MD users experiences in this field and the sofware Foobar 2000 wich i find an awesome tool. Cheers Turbodemon
  2. turbodemon

    PC to MD

    Hi folks, lately i have had a great hifi experience on PC to MD (SP-realtime) recording using the following settings, give it a try and tell me what do you think. MD recording units = MZ RH1 and MZ R55 Optical output = Realtek High definition audio device Optical cable = Dual rotating connector Toslink/3.5 mm, O.D. 5 mm, black - 0.5 m Software = Foobar 2000 + Post-track silence DSP playing FLAC audio files .- Now i can hear sounds and atmospheres that i have never listened when i used mp3 192 or 320kbs source, the new sound is near to CD quality, very open cristaline dinamics, and it demostrates the hi quality of the old ATRAC 4 encoding and of course the good quality of FLAC type files, almost cd quality i guess. Now, after proving this settings perhaps we have here a new MD best friend, im talking about FLAC and loseless encodings obiusly, if we go hifi from PC to MD this is the answer, we all know that mp3 was born dead in terms of quality. Merry Christmas and awesome end of the year
  3. Hi Wizard, thanks a lot for your advice.
  4. I own a black unit, and yes its a beautifull peace of gear, the sound is great and the linear PCM capability is just awesome. im just wondering how long it will last, becouse i use it alot. saluti C
  5. Hi all md users I have a MZ RH1 wich i use almost every day, mainly as a recorder from my FLAC - mp3(192/320 kbps)- WAVE library in SP mode, also for record demos of my music in linear PCM (via analogue cable), so is mostly conected to the optical output from the sound card all the time. I notice that the optical cable is always sending the red light also when the MD is off, so i was wondering if this situation could cause any harm to the unit. By the moment i let it disconected when i dont use it. what do you think about it? Thanks for your help Greetings from Switzerland GoD save the MD!!!
  6. HI alexisvas, i buy mine in a swiss site but now is out of stock. You can try this link too https://www.highdefinition.ch/product/Sound...warz/44392.html Good luck MINI DISC FOR EVER Turbodemon
  7. That are good news for HiMD, many models are listed. But only in Japan. Thanks for the good info wizard! °°MINIDISC FOR EVER°° cheers
  8. Hi folks I was surfing the web looking for some new OnkyO HiMD products, and i found on the Asia and Oceania website 2 deck units (great looking ones but no HiMD): MD-105 TX and MD-101 A, it seems that also OnkyO is leaving HiMD format in their new units or i am wrong? if is it... can anybody tell why??? this is completely crazy http://www.intl.onkyo.com/products/hi-fi_c...yers/index.html °°MINIDISC FOR EVER°°
  9. HI Mdrunner I used to live in Chile, there in the good times MD tech was popular between real music lovers, in facts in the architecture school i knew a lot of friends who had their units rocking on their pokets, now only one friend support the format, but still you can found MDs and HiMDs on some sony shops as the last produced MZ-RH1 (awesome nano robot). Now i live in Switzerland on the italian part, here i knew only 2 MD users. I feel lucky couse there are a couple of shops full of new MDs and HiMDs at good prices that nobody wants, in deed the sellers look at me with a strange face when i buy MDs saying "but this produt is discontinued" ...me... "for that reason I am buying it". Its a real sadness that MD is agonizing... but it is alive here on MDCF and on our ears!!! °°MINIDISC FOR EVER°° Cheers
  10. HI MD community. Im a MD user since 99 with a great HiFi experience on this awesome format, i used to record via Optical on my MZ-R55 (temperamental but still working), now i upgrade to an excelent MZ-RH1 unit and i want to purchase a HIFI micro-component with optical out to keep recording also on normal MDs just couse the quality is great and i have proposed to myself to buy all that MDs that nobody wants here in the shops where i live. So i have 2 options and i want to hear your advices and impressions about these micro HiFi units ... OPTION (A) : Denon D-M35DAB Micro Component System http://www.radio-now.co.uk/denon_dm35_dab_...ifi_system.html OPTION ( : Yamaha Pianocraft 700 DvD http://www.pixmania.co.uk/uk/uk/356538/art...0-mini-dvd.html (click "find out more") thats it, thanks for the support cheers!!!
  11. Well folks, the MZ RH1 unit arrives in awesome condition, the color was a surprise... a black one!!! then i put some mp3 albums in standard mode recording to prove it, i start with Sergey Rachmaninov "The Isle of the death" (320 kbps) .... just incredible clear sonud, the fingers over the cello cords wow. Then with a smile on i play RollingStones "Sticky fingers", Pink Floyd "A saucerfull of secrets", Plastikman "Musik", yhea was an HIFI experience. Now im waiting for my 140MD´s collection from Chile, hope to get it soon!!! cheers
  12. Welcome johnny9fingers to the MD world!!! still waiting for my MZ RH1...
  13. Thanks you guys!!! i ll let you know when the unit arrives MiniDisc For Ever!!!
  14. Hi guys im new at minidisc.org, this is a great site supporting MD tech, Congrats!!! in this moment im waiting for my MZ RH1, i was so ancious when i read about they had discontinuated MDs so i act fast buying this piece of HI/Tech unit, maybe tomorrow. . . i ll wait for it . . . bye MiniDisc For Ever!!!
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