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  1. 11/21: Wild MZ-R700/R500 Hack

    Is there ANY way, to disable the auto track-adding when recording from the line input? If I record speech with micropohone thru the line in, the MD adds hundreds of track marks, and a have to delete it, if i want to record more because 1 disc can contain max 254 track mark.
  2. How to build a Stereo Microphone and Battery Box

    Hy! I can only get 3 types of microphone capsules: - KPCM-G15E (CZN15E,EM-9767) - KPCM27B - MCE100 Which one is the better?
  3. MZ-NHF800 'Mechanical Noise'

    It's an MZ-R501 not an MZ-NHF800, but this was the best topic that I found.
  4. MZ-NHF800 'Mechanical Noise'

    I also have similar "problems". I just bought a used MZ-R501 and it's producing very strange noises (see the attachments). So you say, it's normal? md_audio.mp3