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  1. Hi all ! Is there any functional difference between the USB transfer cable of a MZ-N10 and the one supplied with the MZ-NH1 ?
  2. MZ-NH600 Playback Difficulty

    Thanks Azureal for the reply. It's a blue Hi-MD disc, I tried it on the MZ-NH600 no joy, played ok in the MZ-RH910 ! Strange that neither MZ-NH 600 unit would play it, it's only got a dozen tracks on it. Just wondered if there were any subtle differences between the early/later HI-MD units ?
  3. MZ-NH600 Playback Difficulty

    Hi, I've a couple of these players, however I find that they sometimes have trouble playing back discs recorded in Hi-MD mode, throwing up the message 'cannot play', yet my MZ-RH910 has no such problem. Anyone else experienced this ?
  4. My beloved Sony CMT-CP500MD Hi-Fi unit has developed a problem, whereby it rejects minidiscs with plastic shutters, notably, Maxell and Sharp minidiscs but also pre-recorded discs. Anyone else had a similar problem ? Can it be fixed ? Thanks guys !
  5. I've got an MZ-NH1, MZ-DH10P and MZ-N10, all are supplied with 6v chargers with slightly different output amperages. Is their any noticeable difference in the performance of the players if i use them randomly, if not why not just have one for all ?
  6. I've got an MZ-RH10 with a dim screen, (you can just make it out in a dark room) is there anyway of bringing it back to life ?
  7. NH-14WM - Original or Fake?

    How do you bring an old battery back to life ?
  8. Sony c13 error on display window,sony mds-JB=930 QS

    Not particularly relevent to this case, but i was getting the C13 error code on an old disc i was trying to play, and it was down to a sticky label on the edge of the disc which had peeled away. Once i removed the label it played perfectly.
  9. Yep, have to agree with you Jim, the build quality and reliabiility of the RH1 is poor considering the financial outlay to get one. My 'dream machine' would have the case of the NH1 with the screen of the RH10 and the capabilities of the RH1.
  10. Sony MZ-RH1 uploading problem.

    WOW ! Seem to have resolved this issue by using the device manager in system properties, and re-installing the NetMD driver ! Well chuffed !
  11. MZ-DH10P Charging Stand (Updated)

    Thanks Azureal for the Link, sadly missed the end of the auction and he doesn't post to UK, but will give him a nudge anyway.
  12. Sony MZ-RH1 uploading problem.

    Very strange Indeed. In response to "a", when connecting the "faulty" player to the computer (without a disc), there's a triple tone through the speakers and a dual tone on disconnecting, and it isn't recognised in sonic stage, whereas the other "good" player emits a dual tone when being connected and disconnected ! The Disc mode doesn't seem to make a difference.
  13. Sony MZ-RH1 uploading problem.

    Just checked the disc mode and they both read "Hi-MD Hi-SP" when inserting a blank 74min MD.
  14. Sony MZ-RH1 uploading problem.

    Yep, using the same USB cable with the two machines side by side. I think you have a valid point in Q1, its as though the two recorders are configured differently, to be honest, i'm not much a "techie", so i dont know how to check the settings. There aren't any unusual progs on my computer to interfere with the USB connection.
  15. Sony MZ-RH1 uploading problem.

    Yep, both machines can play the disc, only one can upload it onto sonicstage. I was always under the impression that the MZ-RH1 can upload any disc in any format, if thats not the case what are its limitations supposed to be ? They seem a rather unreliable (or maybe just unpredictable !) unit to me.