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  1. I have a Sony MZ-R501 which when pressure is applied to the casing, it switches itself off. This only happens when using a AA battery. The casing is in decent condition, is there anything I can do ?
  2. I’m having to swap some old ribbon cables from a donor unit, what tape do you use to replace the black strips that lose adhesion when removed ? Cheers.
  3. Back in 2011 (i checked my emails !) I bought two 480 decks for £10 the pair. Both were battered badly, how I’ll never know, and I wasn’t going to ask as the guy at the time as he was the most disagreeable character I’ve ever come across on eBay, I’ve just checked his feedback again and he apparently hasn’t changed ! I knew one had to be in the loft somewhere and was surprised how internally it was in such good shape.
  4. So far so good with the transfer ! I was rummaging around in the loft and found another, rather battered, 480 deck, so I’ve substituted the drive out of this into my back up deck. A couple more things to mention, whilst scrutinising the various drives, with my untrained eye, for differences I noticed the one 480 had what appears to be a ‘plastic’ component on the circuit board whilst the 480 and the 980 had a metal equivalent ! (See photos). Also, is there any reason, other than ease of manufacture, for the original belts to be square cross section whilst the replacements are round ? Thanks for all the help !
  5. Thanks Kevin, I’ve swapped the drives over and the 480 drive works in the 980 whereas the 980 drive displays the same faults in the 480. So the problem is definitely in the 980 drive somewhere. I’m happy to leave the 480 drive in the 980 if there’s no difference to the performance, but why is there 2 little red (earth cables ?) on the 980 drive whilst only 1 on the 480 ? What I should I be looking at next regarding the fault in the 980 drive ? Cheers.
  6. I’ve tried cleaning the ribbon cables with alcohol and an eraser but alas I’m getting the same erratic behaviour. As I mentioned earlier I also have a MDS-JE480, would it be possible/wise/a good idea to swap over the whole laser & loading assembly from either the 480 into the 980, or vice-versa ?
  7. Thanks for the tips guys, I’ll perhaps try some newly acquired hand sanitiser if that’s ok (over 70%) ? Here’s another short video, whilst playing a track the laser loses its way and finally gives up. BD1E44EF-862E-4A11-95BE-ED4A4D125274.MOV
  8. I don’t have any isopropyl alcohol, is there another equivalent ? (Excuse my ignorance, I’m more mechanically minded than electronic !)
  9. I’ve just tried reconnecting the ribbon cables, it’s throwing up the C13 error message now ! I do also have a MDS-JE480 if it’s worth swapping components over to try them out.
  10. It’s not playing the recordable discs at all at the moment, continually searching for the start. Another day it will, even an hour ago it was !
  11. All thoughts are welcome ! It locates and plays the prerecorded discs (for a while) but struggles with recordable discs.
  12. Unfortunately the laser of my beloved MDS-JB980 seems to have a mind of its own at times and is losing its position whilst reading the disc, as well as making a clicking noise. It reads and plays a prerecorded disc for the most part but even then wanders off course sometimes. The unit hasn’t had a lot of use. Any thoughts ? 2DA274CF-485A-4127-9C12-05550C1A2A6F.MOV
  13. Hi all ! Is there any functional difference between the USB transfer cable of a MZ-N10 and the one supplied with the MZ-NH1 ?
  14. Thanks Azureal for the reply. It's a blue Hi-MD disc, I tried it on the MZ-NH600 no joy, played ok in the MZ-RH910 ! Strange that neither MZ-NH 600 unit would play it, it's only got a dozen tracks on it. Just wondered if there were any subtle differences between the early/later HI-MD units ?
  15. Hi, I've a couple of these players, however I find that they sometimes have trouble playing back discs recorded in Hi-MD mode, throwing up the message 'cannot play', yet my MZ-RH910 has no such problem. Anyone else experienced this ?
  16. My beloved Sony CMT-CP500MD Hi-Fi unit has developed a problem, whereby it rejects minidiscs with plastic shutters, notably, Maxell and Sharp minidiscs but also pre-recorded discs. Anyone else had a similar problem ? Can it be fixed ? Thanks guys !
  17. I've got an MZ-NH1, MZ-DH10P and MZ-N10, all are supplied with 6v chargers with slightly different output amperages. Is their any noticeable difference in the performance of the players if i use them randomly, if not why not just have one for all ?
  18. I've got an MZ-RH10 with a dim screen, (you can just make it out in a dark room) is there anyway of bringing it back to life ?
  19. How do you bring an old battery back to life ?
  20. Not particularly relevent to this case, but i was getting the C13 error code on an old disc i was trying to play, and it was down to a sticky label on the edge of the disc which had peeled away. Once i removed the label it played perfectly.
  21. Yep, have to agree with you Jim, the build quality and reliabiility of the RH1 is poor considering the financial outlay to get one. My 'dream machine' would have the case of the NH1 with the screen of the RH10 and the capabilities of the RH1.
  22. WOW ! Seem to have resolved this issue by using the device manager in system properties, and re-installing the NetMD driver ! Well chuffed !
  23. Thanks Azureal for the Link, sadly missed the end of the auction and he doesn't post to UK, but will give him a nudge anyway.
  24. Very strange Indeed. In response to "a", when connecting the "faulty" player to the computer (without a disc), there's a triple tone through the speakers and a dual tone on disconnecting, and it isn't recognised in sonic stage, whereas the other "good" player emits a dual tone when being connected and disconnected ! The Disc mode doesn't seem to make a difference.
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