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  1. Mine are cheaper in the US. And depending how many you want, possibly cheaper with European shipping.
  2. Thanks to everyone for the great feedback. The 80-mins are disappearing but I have lots of 74 minute MDs left--mostly Sony colors and Neige, but also some very pretty pink and blue TDK Lucirs. Still a great price.
  3. Well, use them in SP! That should fill them up in no time and you can get mine.
  4. Dozens, perhaps 100, mostly Sony 74 colors and Neige (10 of those are 80-minute, many more 74) also a dozen very nice TDK Lucir pink and blue 74. PM me to discuss.
  5. OK, you snooze you lose. The Hi-MDs have all gone to new homes. I still have umpty-gazillion 80-min. and a gazillion 74-min. MDs: Sony, Denon, TDK, Fuji. Prices in the original post. Anyone?
  6. Well, a Hi-MD buyer disappeared, so I have a dozen black Hi-MDs available again, as well as about 20 blue ones.
  7. Most of the Hi-MDs are gone but still have a few, and plenty of 80-min and 74-min old-school MDs.
  8. Thank you to all the PMs! If I haven't gotten back to you I will soon.
  9. Transistor

    Sony PCM-M10

    OK, now I remember what my beef was with the SX series. From the specs for the SX712. Recording Modes, Frequency Range LPCM 44.1kHz/16bit: 40 Hz - 20,000 Hz MP3 320kbps: 40 Hz - 16,000 Hz MP3 192kbps: 40 Hz - 16,000 Hz MP3 128kbps: 40 Hz - 16,000 Hz MP3 48kbps (MONO): 40 Hz - 14,000 Hz MP3 8kbps (MONO): 50 Hz - 2,000 Hz Whereas the PCM-M10 is 20Hz to (they claim, their dogs can verify) 40,000 Hz 20 to 40 Hz might not seem like a big difference but it is a whole octave of bass, including the bottom notes of a piano. I want those. Opera may
  10. I'm selling off my Hi-MDs for $5 each. Used once. See the Classifieds.
  11. I have many, many MDs and Hi-MDs that I have finally uploaded. I'd like to give the folks here first dibs on them before they go to eBay. I'll sell them in batches of 5 and 10. If you want more in one bunch, send me a PM and we can easily work something out. 5 x 80-min. MD: $15 + $6 postage (US only) 10 x 80-min MD: $10 + $6 postage (US only) 5 x 74-min. MD $4 + $6 postage (US only) 10 x 74-min MD $7.50 + $6 postage I would prefer US buyers--it's a lot easier at the post office. International buyers, we'll have to do some individual math on the postage. They are just about al
  12. Transistor

    Sony PCM-M10

    Oh, Stephen, we know you love your ICD-SX. And it's appalling that you got a lemon the first time around on the PCM-M10. But give the big guy a chance. No battery recharger, but a pair of AAs lasts something like 40 hours. (I always dump mine when they get down to two bars and let my Sony CD player eat the remainder of their power.) You can throw a 32GB card into the slot and thus have it seamlessly record 36GB (the transition from internal to external memory is seamless). The internal mics are wonderful for voice and surprisingly good for music. The external mic preamps are widely praised
  13. Transistor

    Sony PCM-M10

    Really, there is a serious divide nowadays between players and recorders. You can get a player that lets you easily navigate through your music, or you can get a high-quality recorder. The PCM-M10 is a recorder, period. There's no scroll wheel. You will be pushing the >> button a zillion times to get from file to file. You won't be able to navigate by artist name, song title, album title, etc. I haven't used the PCM-M10 as a player, but its firmware puts 10 folders on the internal memory and 10 on an external memory card. There's a limit, which may be 100 filenames, per folder. T
  14. Transistor

    Sony PCM-M10

    I love my PCM-M10, and I am pleased with the playback sound quality. But I would NOT get it for primary use as a music player. It would just end up annoying you. It's the size of a fatter iPhone (or a point-and-shoot camera), it's heavy by comparison to mp3 players and it's just not optimized for use as an mp3 player. It's a serious recorder, not a portable music player. . I have a Sansa Fuze as a portable player (not the Fuze +, a whole different gadget). It plays back .wav (and .mp3, .wma, .flac and .ogg) with good sound quality, it takes microSD (I've got 16GB in there now) and has i
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