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  1. Hi Stephen & Bearboy, long time no see you (as vietnameses use to say)
  2. Hi guys, "long time no see you" as they say in Vietnam. You can use a Coax to Toslink convertor...
  3. I have the 980 in Vietnam for me and the 930 for my brother in France. Il love them both.
  4. Condolences, did I missed something ?
  5. Wow Stephen I haven't noticed yet that you added your own picture as your avatar !
  6. OMG Sony Insiders is back... What has happened @sfbp Stephen ?
  7. Hi Stephen, "long time no see you"... I miss Sony Insider MD forum, I have several dozens of topics not read yet. I remember that your own final choice is 256kbps for Hi-MD recordings.
  8. Ok Russ, but what about the PCM quality sound you got versus SP standard or HI-MD 256-352 kbps sound ?
  9. I just bought a mini disc deck and was trying to play some recordings I made with a portable sharp mini disc recorder, I am not savy but saw similar posts saying it wont recognize recording. I am so pissed. The deck I have is a sony mds j320   Any help will be appreciated.  Is there a way to hook my portable to receiver to play? The deck works, i had it play a disc that came wiyh the unit. I have 100s of hours of recordings I was hoping to listen to.   Bob627_3@msn.com   thanks 

  10. Probably because you did not the Windows "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement" before setup your NetMD Driver.
  11. I watched it all... and I agree with him on 3 things (portable units) - buying junk units could make you losing your money after all (but he did that for the demo and by design curiosity) - better buy a complete unit set with almost all the accessories than the unit alone cheaper - Sony is the best even if some brands have done some particular nice looking units or well-built units
  12. I am still on my way to read all topics I have postponed since last november and about this one, I am still on page 3. I come directly to the end to tell Stefano that in Italy there is Sergio Scotto who has his own Minidisc web site here https://sites.google.com/site/crazyforminidisc/ As Sergio get a huge collection of portable units, including NetMD and HiMD ones, that would be interesting for Stefano to contact Sergio for more units testing. http://forums.sonyinsider.com/profile/118374-sescoscuba/
  13. PhilippeC

    I am back

    Not so far Zzzuppp... Eventually I took time to setup my new home theather high-end system and took also this time to spent more time with my family and less with my computer. Made me go to far beside the dark side of the Force (Spotify & Netflix). Pavlov's dog is in my Top 5 Progressive Rock band choice. I was not sure if David was a male or a female in my young time. With some friends we decided that the first name David gave credit to a male. I still imagine a female singing and I am not surprised that there are 2 women (including his wife) right now in the band (make me feel better ;>).
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