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  1. PCM-M10 Folders Audio Gap?

    Thanks for the reply NickyJay, so, can you confirm that I'll not get an audio gap between folders? also what 's the size of each folder when recording in 24/48k?
  2. PCM-M10 Folders Audio Gap?

    I was wondering if someone could help me with some information that I could not find in the manual. I currently use a tascam dr-08 but I'm running in to a problem.... perhaps the PCM-M10 would solve the problem... Just like the PCM-M10 the tascam has its built-in folders of 2GB. If the recording goes beyond that, a new folder is created automatically. The problem is that there's an audio gap between one folder to the other once the track is merged. The PCM-M10 has 10 folders in its built-in memory of 4GB. My question is: 1.How big is each folder? 2. If my recording goes beyond a folder, would I get a gapless audio when I merge the tracks or there's no solution? I'm recording about 3 hours in 24/48K any help please?