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  1. Thanks for the reply NickyJay, so, can you confirm that I'll not get an audio gap between folders? also what 's the size of each folder when recording in 24/48k?
  2. I was wondering if someone could help me with some information that I could not find in the manual. I currently use a tascam dr-08 but I'm running in to a problem.... perhaps the PCM-M10 would solve the problem... Just like the PCM-M10 the tascam has its built-in folders of 2GB. If the recording goes beyond that, a new folder is created automatically. The problem is that there's an audio gap between one folder to the other once the track is merged. The PCM-M10 has 10 folders in its built-in memory of 4GB. My question is: 1.How big is each folder? 2. If my recording goes beyond a folder, would I get a gapless audio when I merge the tracks or there's no solution? I'm recording about 3 hours in 24/48K any help please?
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