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  1. thanks a lot will do it asap you suggest : I would back up the files by simply copying them (Microsoft has a nice tool called "SyncToy") is this sync toy interesting? isn't easier to just copy them onan external device with the explorer? I say that because I don't know this sync toy
  2. You mean 'tools' 'start file conversion tool...' ? What will this really do with my library? Before doing this they say I should backup my library To do this I need 54858.65 MB I think =54GB free space. Where do you back up your library? on a removalable device or on the hard disk?
  3. yes! I installed again SS from your download section and everything works again thanks a lot Pierre from Belgium
  4. a system restore was done but didn't help
  5. WMP cannot read ATRAC files I think
  6. I optimized but no success Am going to desinstall VLC/FFMPEG
  7. it's still C and D for the hard disk, no changes were made and WAV files or MP3 files CAN be read it's only the ATRAC that can't be read when I look at the track properties I see this Playback restrictions: None No. of times played: 2times No. of times transferred: 0times Remaining transfer count: 0times Remaining ATRAC CD transfer count: 0times Remaining audio CD transfer count: Unlimited
  8. Hi everybody I have SS 4.3.01 on my pc windows seven 64 bits It has worked very well for years but today.... I connected my Sony MZ rh1 and wanted to transfer some music from my library to my MZ but in the field transfer I just had : "create atracCD mp3 cd audio cd" and not the usual 'transfer to MD or Hi MD' And when I clicked on a ATRAC file in my library i had the message: cannot play this track because its licensing information cannot be retrieved..... 000084e0 When I click on a MP3 or Wav file it plays normally I did not change my hard disk it's the same computer the only change was using a Sandisk sdhc on the computer a few days ago so what went wrong? Windows update ? Let's hope one of you can help this poor Belgian boy! thanks a lot
  9. Error Code: 00004e2e when I had this message too, it was because in the properties of my shortcut for ss I had specified :" launch programme in XP mode" while I was working with seven.
  10. Thanks a lot. You're right I titled Vista. I've got two computers one with Vista and one with Seven. The problem was the same and is now solved thanks to you. Sometimes developers launch softwares and ask a little financial help, I think you should try that. You spent a lot of time I think. If each of us gave a little it could mean a good reward for you. Thanks a lot, I'll talk about this great solution around me. French speaking md adepts don't know there is a solution to this problem. Many persons let their MD down just because of Windows Seven.
  11. Sorry, my fault IWhen starting the program I rightclicked and in properties I asked to start in XP mode. When I later asked to start in normal (Seven) mode everything was ok; I installed the driver netmd 760 and my mz n910 can now be used on the computer windows 7 64 bits I love you !!! How is it possible than sony didn't do anythong? Who's the guy who found the solution (driver + sonicstage ultimate edition?) these guys deserve a reward.
  12. Hello, new on this forum I hear many people can have ss 4.3 work with vista and seven. sorry but on my Vista computer it doesn't work I downloaded the software from the download section of this great forum, installed it on my pc but when I start (as administrator) sonicstage 4.3 Iget the message : the selected music file cannot be played because the system information has been changed. run the sonicstage system information restore tool. error : 00004e2e this tool starts then tries to connect to the internet then I get a ! and that's all I don't understand the sentence found on the forum : NOTE: If you have applied the experimental SonicStage patch 4.3.02 for Vista/Windows 7, you'll need to re-apply it after installation. What is the patch? is it the software sonicstage 4.3 or is it another little file you have to add to your system after installing sonicstage 4.3? thanks any idea ?