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  1. Hi, I've got the chance to purchase this remote and was wondering whether it is compatible with either one of my decks; the specs of the remote don't list these two decks, however I suspect that the remote was sold before the 530 and 920 were released yet. Any input appreciated! Rgds, Mark
  2. I guess the discussion shifted from the question for the best 7xx or 9xx deck to an (minor) issue I have with the purchased jb920 - apologies for that! ;-) I checked the link you provided (wow! that has a lot of information on CD players....) and I decided to live with the situation: I'm not technical enough to do the checks and potential repairs mentioned in that document. Cheers, Mark
  3. Luckily I managed to buy a JB920 last weekend, however quite some pixels of the display do only light up at a relative low level; is this a 'known' feature with (hopefully) a straight forward resolution? Rgds, Mark
  4. 100 MD decks for sale (France)

    yes please! Many thanks, Mark
  5. Hi PhillippeB, Does that mean you also rate the 920 above the later 9xx models? The manuals tell me about new functions and looks, but not about build quality and sound. In addition, on the minidisc.org page for the 920 it seems a serious issue is reported for (at least early versions of) this deck. Has this been resolved for later copies of the 920, and what should I be looking for to avoid buying a 920 with this problem (maybe serialnumber)? Tnx, Mark
  6. 100 MD decks for sale (France)

    Yes that's true: QS. Thanks, Mark
  7. 100 MD decks for sale (France)

    Hi PhillippeC, can you please let me know which of the 7xxES and 9xx series decks are still available? Many thanks, Mark
  8. Hi all, I am pretty new to Minidiscs, but have acquired recently a JE530 deck and can use a Sharp MD MT15 for field recording. I'd like to upgrade to a better deck (without breaking the bank) and am considering either a 7xx or 9xx series. Have been reading manuals for quite some time now, but I would also like to understand how you experts rate these decks technically: are the higher numbers always better (within ether the 7xx or 9xx series)? From some of the posts here I recall that for instance in the JA series the build quality was not also improved over time. Any advice is highly appreciated! Mark
  9. I'd try Church Audio from Canada; both his mics and battery boxes are handmade and when you check out the taperssection.com forum, you'll find many appraisels for his products. I ordered a mic (both omni and cards) and pre-amp package from him, which should arrive sometime in April and then I hope to get started with stealth recording (using the Sharp MD MT15, through line-in). Rgds, Mark