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  1. Cool Minidisc Labels

    Re printers i wonder if anyone will use one of the new 3D printers to make some new Minidisc cases when those printers become more afforadable , just a thought a full thickness CD case can be used as a MINIDISC case with a bit of tweaking Just remove the "frog" (where the cd is housed) and insert the minidisc and print a label Using a DTP programme Have fun guys
  2. Cool Minidisc Labels

    Looking good there I'm about to move some of my cassette library to minidisc I hope my lables will be as good as yours was that a laser printer you used ? as the black seems very rich
  3. Newbie :)

    Due to medical problems last year I was not on the site for a while and have now resurected my interest in Mini Discs I recently purchased The MZ-R5ST with remote/ battery/ manual/ piggy back battery case Have had to buy a separate power adaptor Bought off Ebay for 165 Pounds + postage works really well too neat little machine with a nice amount of manual features I shall now be able to transefer my Cassette based stuff and reel Reel recordings (Akai) OH what joy
  4. Disc Traders ?

    G'day Yes would be nice to have a list from you
  5. Cool Minidisc Labels

    I bought some when they were around I use a a photocopy of one and also create a JPEG in publisher and use an A4 self adhesive label scan album into publisher and save as a JPEG too then photo and rezize insert and print it make sure you know which way the print comes out print out and cut job done
  6. Mz-R5ST

    Thanks for that link guys I'd love to deal with them BUT I think there are restrictions on sending them to the UK when I went round a few links it seems the UK post restricts them but I will try all the same BTW the unit is amazing been looking for this for 3 years SONY pulled this one out of the bag properly but then they miniturised the lot and we were left "fiddle fingred":
  7. Disc Traders ?

    Are there any on here still that want to trade/ sell for sensible prices? dont wory if they dont have proper cases but please be sensible with pricing
  8. Mz-R5ST

    Thanks for the help much apprciated But as e the Unit was docked and I was unbable to get a mains unit till today, once the unit was separated I found an LP6 battery in it and now its fully chareged so I'm cock a hoop I can see how this is the holy grail for Mini Disc users
  9. Mz-R5ST

    Love to get hold of some of the LIP ones for this unit any recomendations ? :) please
  10. Warning for Jim Hoggarth

    I've dealt with jim Before for a repair and he was as trustfull as anyone and quick to make my repair The Uk (or parts of it) are awash at the moment so do bear with him
  11. Remote Please :)

    UPDATE UPDATE Never did find a remoite but then again the seller (on ebay) never sent the parcel in the first place he "blamed" UPS Ebay did give ame a refund
  12. Remote Please :)

    I did'nt think I would have luck with this but thanks for looking in the end the ebay seller "lost" the unit (hmmmmmmm ) so I no longer needed the use of a remote funny that with the seller ?
  13. Newbie :)

    Thank you i shall have a bash at that later Ta
  14. Remote Please :)

    CMT-CP505MD remote I posted this in a reply instead of a request I need a remote for the Minisystem can anyone help with the item or the lkoan of a re mote to copy the codes over to a learning remote ? Thanks in advance
  15. Newbie :)

    Sorry not to respond to your replies but thanks for all your input sorted the drivers etc but the MD still shows as a HiMd in devices but in Sonic stage nothing but i will persist. On the car side my Motor is a Yeti and i found the band 3 on vhf blank chose a frequency plugged in the little transmiter thing and mateced the frequency and Mis B Sriesand wafted through the cars speakers in glorious S-T-E-R-E-O I am happy I just need to know what setting I do when i record direct to the unit from my system is it ATTRAC ?