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  1. Mr. Brian


    How do I burn a minidisc to make it play on older players? I have a new md player. I want the MD to play on an older player. I know it's possible because I have this classical music om md that came with an old player. I burned an md and all it says is avls and then there's silence.
  2. you can torrent an offline version. NOTE by admin: the version in our downloads section IS an offline version. Perhaps the only reliable one.
  3. I haven't labeled them all yet but here's some so far :-)
  4. I have an older MD player that doesn't record, it just plays. And when I record an MD to listen to it says avls and then is silent while time is rolling. How can I record an MD that's going to play on it? I take it that the music has to appear to the player as a "genuine" prerecorded minidisc.
  5. Hard to say. Do you know anyone who is smart with soldering? I recommend that person, or an electronics repairman, orrrrr yourself if you are fearless. The stuff still feels like the wave of the future but I have to keep reminding myself how old this stuff really is. And most of it was NOT made to self destruct. So it has lasted really well but I guess there will be some odd breaks here and there. One easy thing to do is to look into the headphone jack for debris. Try to clean it out with a canned air duster. Also if you are brave, try to open it enough to look for a broken wire leadin
  6. nah, do it the hard way, follow your heart!
  7. I bought a hollow Duo chip, that will house a 64 gb micro SD. >
  8. I'm game - who wants to do it?
  9. I could record some miscelaneous bands on my md and send it your way - would you be up for a mail trade? like, local bands, not download either
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