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  1. Gumstick battery problem breakthrough.

    Wait, you can do that?? Btw, my estimate of "quadrupling" the battery life was an understatement. It went from about 20 minutes of play to 6 hours (and this is an old, aftermarket battery that's been discharged and sat for a year several times) . I forgot just how long the battery on this thing lasts, especially playing LP non-Hi-MD recorded material.
  2. Gumstick battery problem breakthrough.

    Jimma, thank you so much for this tip! I've been struggling with this on my NH-900 for, oh I don't know, 5 years or so? Keep buying new batteries and have the same problem. I quadrupled the life of my original TWELVE YEAR old battery in seconds with a little sandpaper, and made a replacement battery work like the stock battery was new. I had tried (I thought) everything, even resoldering the positive connection on the battery door. It still never guesses how much charge is actually left accurately but it never did (it's been flashing for the last 2 hours of consecutive playback). You will probably never see this but I hope others with this problem find your post. THANK YOU