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  1. When I started Zadig it didn't automatically detect the NETMD760 driven units (it did detect a Sharp recorder though, presumably because it uses a different driver) so I had to go to Options and then List All Devices and select the correct one. It then says "Driver NETMD760 (v1.4.0.5270) -> WinUSB (v6.1.7600.16385)" and you hit the Replace Driver button, wait 30 seconds or so and it should tell you it's been successful. Web MiniDisc should then detect your recorder while any other models should hopefully still work with SonicStage.
  2. I am running 64-bit and it was NETMD760 that was replaced for both the NH600 and the N505 but Zadig only associates the WinUSB driver with whichever MD unit you select from the devices list rather than uninstalling NETMD760 leaving all others still working with SonicStage.
  3. The issue with the NH600 now seems to be resolved. After restarting the pc it is now working perfectly which is great. sfbp, the old driver/SonicStage thing doesn't seem to be a problem as long as you are using a different unit for Web MiniDisc than you do for SonicStage. You can use Zadig (https://zadig.akeo.ie/) to switch the driver for just the unit you want to use with Web MD to the WinUSB driver. This doesn't affect the driver for whatever recorder you use for SonicStage. I've just done a test and SonicStage will quite happily transfer music to my MDS-NT1 at the same time as Web MD is recording to the NH600.
  4. Thanks Stephen but I've tried that. I get the same error on Hi-MD and MD modes but I see other people have been able to use some Hi-MD units in MD mode successfully so I'm not quite sure what's going on here. I've not seen that exact error message reported by anyone else either. It's a mystery.
  5. This is a fantastic app Stefano. Many thanks for all your hard work. I have just been trying to use it with a couple of Sony MZ-NH600 units and although I've had great success with an MZ-N505, I am getting an error with these. Has anyone got any idea what "The configuration value provided is not supported by the device" means and how I can sort it out?
  6. Hi Russ, Welcome to the forum. The older adapter should be absolutely fine to power the MZ-RH10 for playing, recording or charging so a replacement isn't necessary. I use the older power supplies on newer units on a regular basis without any issue. I also have an RH10 which also has the screen issue which is a shame, but otherwise it is an absolutely fantastic unit. Jimma.
  7. I am having a problem with SonicStage on Windows 10 that hopefully somebody here may be able to help me with. The issue is that when I open SonicStage I get an error window that says "SonicStage (00000908-6736) The selected music file cannot be played back because the system information has been changed. Click OK to automatically close SonicStage and open the SonicStage System Information Restore Tool. (Error Code 00004e2e)" It then closes, restores successfully and I can then open SonicStage which works fine. The trouble is that the next time I open the program this will happen again so it's pretty annoying. The only other thing I've noticed on this new install is that when I'm transferring tracks to MD the track names appear in the transfer window as question marks and only revert to the correct characters once all tracks have finished being transferred, although this is probably unrelated to the other issue. Any assistance with the restore problem would be greatly appreciated. Jimma.
  8. Sitting at my desk eating lunch and reading this made me smile.
  9. The disc you are playing is not MDLP is it?
  10. After seeing your labeled up disc I thought I'd dig this out from my collection. It's on N5MD which was originally started as a MiniDisc only label. I can only assume Tim Koch is an MD fan, which is great. I like the look of your disc and will be interested in a copy once it is released. Please let us know the details.
  11. Apart from the MDW80T, the latest and current disc.
  12. You may know this already but unfortunately SonicStage doesn't recognise FLAC files. You will have to use something like FLAC Frontend to change them back to WAVs before importing them into SonicStage for transfer to your NH1 once you get your USB cable. The MZ-NH1 is a fantastic bit of kit and I'm sure you'll be very happy with it. I love mine:)
  13. http://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/14753045.Cameron_has___1m_memoirs_backed_up____on_MiniDisc/ The first time I've heard of someone using MD due to it being "unhackable".
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