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  1. Please please please accept my apologises and i totally eat my words LOL I have downloaded the Sonic Stage 4.3 Ultimate with the new update from this site and installed and i totally can't beleive i am actually using my Net MD MZ-N510 connected to my pc via usb and am transferring from my library to the Net MD and i am totally over the moon I am using windows 7 64bit Ultimate and all is running sweet I've spent ages tranferring from Itunes in real time via optical and then i have had to type/input on the MD all the track names and that is so fiddly and time consuming but with the Sonic Stage all is done automatically on the pc WOOP WOOP! P.S Sorry for the bold text i mean't no harm. I am now having a wizz of a time with the Net MD ive got loads of tunes to transfer I'm so glad i came across this forum is has been very helpful indeed. Again sorry for my fustration in my posts as i was getting no where and feeling like the Net MD was a total brick with no usb use at all but now i'm having a ball
  2. Hi just thought i'd start this thread as it seems totally impossible to get a Net MD connect to pc via usb to transfer music! Well in my case it is????? I have successfully installed a win7 64bit ultimate Net MD driver but can't get Sonic Stage to work? I have downloaded and installed successfully but after signing in as administrator to get full access to the use of it i find that once i have created a library i then go to transfer to Net MD and it does the converting bit then after all the music is done it stops and reports there was errror???? I have tried real player with out success? I have tried winamp without success? The only success i have found with transfering music from the pc to any Mini disc recorder is via optical/digital and that works like a dream then minidisc recorder in sync will wait until you are ready to press play on the pc and i have transfered my mp'3 from Itunes. Optical/digital is the only way but it would be nice if the Net MD would be useful via pc connection? I was told by Sony just recently they have stop support or Available of downloading Sonic Stage and they advised me to use my Net MD as a mass storage device? I have not been able to do this and cant see how as it does not show up as a sign letter/drive? I only wish i could use it as a mass storage because instead of playing in real time with optical i could get the music over to the Net MD disc much quicker???? GOD KNOWS? I love mini disc and playing with old formats and mini disc to me is so much more fun than using my iphone and itunes! If anyone has other methods of tranferring from pc to minidisc via usb and what ever program i am all ears Someone out there would be good to come up with there own software/program for us to use with our minidisc recorders and the usb connetion? I was told recently by Sony that i can still purchase Sonic Stage 4.3 from my nearest Sony dealer LOL Anyone got Sonic Stage 4.3 working and if so what windows have you got/use?
  3. Hi I am new to this forum so please excuse my noob questions! I have an MZ-N510 Sony Net MD and i have installed a usb win7 driver which has installed and the Net MD is connect and showing as working in device manager! Now the next thing is i need Sonic Stage 4.3?????? I have googled for hours over this I have tried downloading and installing on my windows 7 64bit Ultimate and it gets to the part in the installation requiring info from Son'y server !! Then it aborts installation So i contacted Sony about this and they have told me Sonic Stage 4.3 is not available anymore from the Sony site for downloading and they advised me that i can use my Net MD as a mass storage device?? At the moment i am transfering mp3's etc from my pc to the Net MD via optical/digital which is very very good! and i can transfer from my Itunes BUT i can't seem to use the Net MD as a mass storage device as it does not show up as a signed drive with a letter? like my hard drive and cd rom? All i want to do now is get sonic stage 4.3 on my windows and in this forum i have downloaded the sonic stage 4.3 successfully and when starting sonic stage 4.3 I am limited as i am logged in as a limited account account user??? Please can someone help me get full access to sonic stage 4.3 as it appears to be running fine on my windows 7 64bit ultimate? Any advise and help is very much appreciated Thanks