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  1. Synchro Rec & iTunes

    Hey everyone, this is my first post. After ~15 years, I went on eBay and picked up a Sony MZ-R70. Since I had only ever owned the MZ-R50 and R55, this is technically an upgrade for me. I have been recording via PC (iTunes) Optical Out with SYNCHRO REC turned on, but the R70 is not detecting track changes. My guess is that iTunes plays Gapless, and there's no way to shut that off. Two Questions: - Is there a better way to record to the R70 where SYNCHRO REC will work? - Can you recommend a Sony MD recorder that will support digital transfer (with track names) from the PC? I got out of the MD game before NetMD came out.
  2. I've decided to sell some of my collection. All are in working condition, with nothing broken unless otherwise noted. I purchased them all used, and did whatever I could to clean and refurbish them. For Sale: Sony MZ-E55 - $50 - Blue - includes battery charger, battery, sidecar battery, remote with display, and carry case. Paint is rough. Sony MZ-E55 - $50 - Silver - includes battery charger, battery sidecar, and remote with display Sony MZ-E44 - $40 - Includes sidecar battery and remote cable. Paint is rough but it still has the pearl effect. Sony MZ-E90 - $60 - includes headphones, battery, battery charger, carry case and remote cable. Paint is rough in some spots. Sony MZ-R90 - $50 - includes headphones, remote cable, sidecar battery, and charger. Battery door doesn't stay shut on its own. Sharp MD-MS722 - $40 - player & recorder, includes carry case, battery, car charger, remote cable with display, and sidecar battery (cover is broken). This one is especially useful because it can erase MDLP discs. Pics here: http://imgur.com/a/dQN0p
  3. MDS-S707?

    Has anyone owned this unit? Oddly it's one of the few decks without any information on Minidisc.org, so I have no idea of its release date or comparison to other units. I know it's SP-only, which is fine, but I'd like to know how it compares to the MDS-S40.
  4. MDS-S707?

    I noticed that, thank you. After seeing that there is a fix available I thought I'd take a shot anyway. I like the form factor of the S707/S40/S39....the Js seem to have a lot of empty space inside.
  5. MDS-S707?

    Thanks for that. I doubt i'll ever really understand the Sony deck naming system.
  6. MDS-S707?

    ​Really? Seems like it would have been made later than the S38, since the S40 has fewer features (i.e. no optical out). Very confusing.
  7. I'm using a few Sony units that use the NH-14WM and newer clone gumstick batteries. I've been recharging them with the original chargers. I have heard that newer chargers exist - should I be using those?
  8. Should I stop buying MD units?

    I got back into this hobby recently and I love how the Sony player/recorders look and sound. Hitting eBay hard the past few months, I now own: -MZ-R70 (new condition) -MZ-R70 (good condition) -MZ-E55 (very good condition) -MZ-E90 (good condition) -MZ-R90 (very good condition) and yet, I kind of want an E44, R50, and a better-condition E90 if I can find them. Also the red/blue versions of all of these. Tell me to stop?
  9. Should I stop buying MD units?

    I get this feeling like it's all going to disappear some day...and i should have backups. It's like I'm playing Fallout 3 carrying 40 assault rifles just so I can repair my main one.​ I have, however, made a pact with myself not to bother with any of the NetMD units. I'm only looking for the MZ-R and MZ-E models through the *90. I've actually just been recording from lossless --> optical --> portable recorder so far. And ​if I got a deck I'd want to get at least one of the units has keyboard input, and i should probably just stick with portables. Oddly enough 2 of the units I bought were purchased only because they came with a lot of blanks. This includes the beat up R70 (actually in pretty good shape, except that the FFWD button is kind of mushy)... ...and the comically-large Sharp MD-MS722 which was advertised as being in "great condition" but was dirty, had a huge dent in the top that prevented discs from loading, a non-working battery, and 2 missing screws. I fixed all those things, and now I have a like-new totally functional MD-MS722 that I can't bring myself to carry. It's more than double the size of my E90.
  10. Should I stop buying MD units?

    Why decks? There are a million J330s out there I keep seeing, but I never really considered them.
  11. Should I stop buying MD units?

    Sensible. Part of the excitement is that I can actually afford to buy a bunch of units now, whereas I was 18 and broke when they first came out. So it's like I'm on some teen game show and I won a shopping spree inside a Best Buy
  12. I just picked up a used MZ-E90, and it's working except for kind of loud squeak that happens when it's seeking. It's a bit alarming. After some testing, it looks like the squeak happens when the laser returns all the way to home (closest to the center of the player.) I'm wondering if i should pop it open and see if the mechanism that moves the laser needs lubrication or something. Thoughts?
  13. MZ-E90 squeaking when seeking. Should I attempt a repair?

    Ok. I'll see if that becomes necessary. I put a tiny amount of Tri-Flow on the lead screw and made it seek back and forth a few times. Haven't had a squeak since this morning.
  14. MZ-R50 battery - mod possible?

    I was thinking about picking up an Mz-R50, but the batteries are nowhere to be found. If I recall, the batteries are about the same size/shape as a AA battery, and indeed these all use 3V power. So I'm wondering if any brave soul has disassembled the R50 battery to see if it could be adapted to house a regular AA battery?
  15. Synchro Rec & iTunes

    It turned out that not even the 1sec track worked properly. The manual actually says that it waits for a 2 second pause. So, I have been adding the 2sec silent tracks inbetween each song on the playlist, and it works. On the upside, I can be sure that when the playlist finishes recording it will have track marks at each real song. Two downsides though: songs that have silence are also picked up, so I end up with a few extra track marks that I have to clear. Also, adding two seconds to each track wastes space, but it's not the end of the world.
  16. Recommend a portable player for me?

    I was able to find a Sony MZ-R70 in new condition, but it's not great for portability - the AA battery bulges out on the back. If possible, I'd like to get a player and keep the R70 aside for recording. Can you recommend a portable player that is: - thin/flat (gumstick battery) - preferably Sony - preferably with Line Out - backlit display Thanks!
  17. Synchro Rec & iTunes

    for what it's worth, i found the answer. I went to this site: http://www.xamuel.com/blank-mp3s/ got a 0.5sec 1 second silent mp3, added it inbetween the tracks on my playlist, and now SYNCHRO REC works.
  18. Synchro Rec & iTunes

    Okay, thanks. Maybe it's just that Synchro Rec was designed at a time when Sony could make certain assumptions about the way sources would transition from track to track, but 15 years later iTunes Gapless Playback is too seamless.
  19. The death of the home stereo system

    This is a super old thread but I've been on a long train ride with nothing to do but browse old threads. Totally true. At 34, so many of my memories centered around my old Aiwa and Sony systems with 3-disc changers. Hell, I even have the speakers from one of them repurposed with an Apple AirPlay setup. By contrast, my little brother and his friends have only passing interactions with music. No favorites, just the occasional streaming. No good headphones, just Apple earbuds. No systems - just a little Bluetooth speaker. Its a shame. They don't know what they're missing.