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  1. Someone over on the FB group was looking for such a list. Has it been archived? https://www.facebook.com/groups/minidiscgroup/permalink/10152861560591553/
  2. ...after years of promising "One Sony," CEO Kaz Hirai appears to be systematically breaking the company up for sale. The VAIO PC division was sold last year and just announced its first hybrid laptops as an independent company, and Hirai told investors that he has to consider spinning off the smartphone business and possibly selling the TV business outright. According to Hirai, that leaves Sony with three main businesses at its core : Sony Pictures Entertainment, the hit-or-miss Hollywood studio that just fired Amy Pascal after being hacked to bits at the end of last year. The PlayStation division, which has so far won the next-gen console race with the PS4 but yet to define a clear mobile strategy; PlayStation Mobile is all but ignored, and the Vita is a beautifully noble failure. Selling image sensors to Apple for the iPhone. http://www.theverge.com/2015/2/18/8063269/sony-electronics-future-selling-off-pc-smartphone-tv
  3. I got my hands on it ... and decided to keep it. If I run across another ...
  4. I acknowledge the shortcoming of my description. A thousand pardons, sir.
  5. The seller Keny.lin will sell cheaper off ebay. I took a chance on him, and on the UAE post office, and both came through. Not recommending you do this, just informing you of the option. Good luck.
  6. Richard was kind enough to share a couple of Hi-MDs for the cost of postage. Seems like quite a generous fellow.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/Sony/posts/10152382574681997
  8. Thank you, Stephen. The weekend is gone and so is time to tinker with this problem, but I'll return to it, and your suggestions, when time permits.
  9. Thanks for the feedback and for taking an interest. I tried all the variety of recordings you suggest, but nothing will transfer. Also installed the NetMD driver, but still no transfer. Tried a different USB cable - nada. I did not rename any files on the MD. Got to the office this morning, fired up the work laptop, and transferred the files. No problems at all. So, it seems the disc is good, the RH1 is good, but something on my laptop is funked up. When I did the reinstall, I first removed SS, rebooted, and installed. Is it possible some components of SS were left behind when I did the remove, components that are affecting the reinstall?
  10. Yes, Hi-SP. Sorry for the confusion. Yes, I can play the track on the computer by clicking on the track (in the right hand pane, which shows a left-facing triangle). I removed and reinstalled SS. Still cannot transfer tracks. I found a discussion about a similar-looking problem here: As per the suggestion here, I tried creating a new path/folder in which to save transferred files. Doesn't seem to help. Tried on my NH1 - same story. Also tried transferring files from a different disc, with similar lack of success.
  11. Transferring from PC to MD in Hi-MD works just fine.
  12. The manual advice on the write-protect tab is opposite of that provided in the SS help files: Make sure that the write protect tab of the disc (in the Hi-MD device) is in the unlocked position. Otherwise, tracks cannot be transferred from the Hi-MD back to My Library.
  13. Referencing the RH1 manual, I note the following: When a disc used in Hi-MD mode is inserted in the recorder and the record-protect table of the disc is open, audio data cannot be transferred to the computer. Make sure that the record-protect tab of the disc is closed. My attempts above were with an open-tab. Ejected the disc, closed the tab, and tried again. This time I got an error code: The device/media is write-protected, (Error code: 000664f)
  14. I made a recording last night in SP mode on 1GB disc via the RH1. This morning I cannot transfer it to the PC via SS 4.03.01. In the right hand pane, SS shows the available files. When I select them and click Transfer, the program blinks, but nothing else happens. No transfer. I tried rebooting, but that doesn't appear to have any effect. I have used this RH1 for similar work in the past, on this very same laptop. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  15. Ah, is that what jonathanpotato is? He's a member here?
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