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  1. Working well with Win7 Pro 64. Using a MZ-M200 to import live recordings made with my trusty R50s. In the past, I've imported in real time, using line out & soundcard in. This is blistering fast in comparison. The .oma files play back with VLC, but I will probably have to convert some of them to another format to use with video editing software. Win 7 sent me to the Sony site for a driver for the MZ-M200, and it came up with PA_DRIVER-V.EXE, which only ran then told me I had the correct audio driver already, but would not help the system to recognize the MD unit. I probably would not have been able to get everything to work without the SS 4.3 Ultimate & drivers available through these forums. Thanks to those who donated their time, expertise, and hard work to make this all possible. Better support here than from Sony!
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