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  1. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    So do you think this is a problem with the adapter? When I plug it in, there is red light coming from the device, but it is not pulsing at all (I don't know if the digital signal encoding is human visible in any way).
  2. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    So I made a 2+ hour recording in Hi-SP mode. Couldn't get the digital line in to work, despite countless converters and adapters between the mixers coax and the units optical in. Ended up recording analog. Now transferring the data. I must say the device sounds exactly like a cross between a floppy drive and a modern laptop hard drive. It's remarkable. Will upload the set soon.
  3. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    I had actually asked another question: Is there no MegaBass or similar option on this device then? I am happy with the PCM/95 minute recording option, everything was fine during recording. It's just the playback on the device...the earbuds or the headphones or something sucks. Real bad, too!
  4. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    I recorded it at full quality with PCM, and I don't believe the issue is with the recording, as it sounds great when played back on other devices. However the MiniDisc itself is terrible at playing it; I remember my Sony Walkman's from the early '90s sounding better than this with earbud headphones. Is there no MegaBass or similar option on this device then?
  5. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    So listening to my set on the MZ-RH1 itself, it sounds disappointingly flat: https://soundcloud.com/djfuzuli/turner-dj-fuzuli The various sound modes (virtual surround, etc.) make virtually no difference. Is there a MegaBass setting for this device? I was unable to find one. Even without AVLS, there's just no depth or richness to the sound at all.
  6. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    Do you actually have the Amazon ordering link or product name available?
  7. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    So I just recorded my first set today on the MiniDisc. Yaaay! I'll upload it soon and share the URL. Setting track marks was the main point of the exercise, as it is very hard to spot seamless transitions after the fact (especially when mixing three tracks together). But I could only use Line-In! My toslink cable did not fit the optical in jack. I had even purchased a coax digital to toslink converter. Imagine my disappointment when the parts did not add up! What is the actual optical in cable "format" that I need to use with this device? I really want to be able to record my next set purely digitally.
  8. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    This device also arrived today, and unfortunately, it does not have a radio! What a bummer, Sony doesn't have a single MD with ability to record from radio.
  9. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    So finally my HiMD discs have arrived. They are truly beautiful! Makes me remember why I loved these things in the first place. Anyways, on to next problem then, shall we? My mixer (Pioneer DJM 900 SRT) has a digital line out. But its a copper coax output! How that's digital, is kind of beyond me. My HiMD recorder, of course, has an optical line-in. How do I convert from one to the other? I noticed some converter boxes online. Is that the way to go, then?
  10. Choice of MD microphones

    Doesn't the gold plating rub off in just a small number of insertions and removals though? Are there any other accessories recommended for the MZ-RH1?
  11. Choice of MD microphones

    Ah, thanks. The ECM-DS70P is what I was thinking of, it's what's bundled in some editions of my product anyways. Perfect.
  12. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    As I shared earlier, I was unable to find any Hi-MD recorders with radio through my own research. The `browser` did not have an answer indeed.
  13. Also next question: What mike do you recommend (stereo) for use with the MZ-RH1?
  14. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    MZ-S1 looks good but is not Hi-MD...no Hi-MD portable radio recorders, then?
  15. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    That's right, its hex. Anyways, I believe I can live with just two pieces of text in Japanese. Cross-referencing with the English user manual, these appear to be the sound output modes - surround or normal or etc. - with only two of them shown in Japanese anyways. I'm hoping there won't be issues naming tracks, if not, I'm all set Still waiting for my Hi-MD disc orders to come through before I can start recording my sets on MD, of course... On another note: Is there an MD device with the ability to record from *radio*? I've seen a few MD's with radios on my research so far, but all of them seem to have the radio on the remote and cannot record from them. One truly wonders how much pressure Sony came under with the MD format from the `Studios`... They truly made it hard for the MD to replace tapes, no radio recording, no "second generation digital copies", etc. Without so much `Studio inspired DRM`, the format would have probably lived on!