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  1. So this has happened twice in a row now. An error shows up during HiMD data transfer. Subsequently SonicStage immediately deletes all tracks from recording group! This is unforgivable. The tracks play fine after the recording. I know this for a fact because I try to bleed the battery dry before connecting to PC (to prevent battery memory), so I play the tracks till the battery runs out. Is there a way to prevent this (would the write protect tab work)? Is there a way to recover audio that has been deleted this way, including the track marks?
  2. Oh, sorry if I was being harsh! I must say the device is performing admirably in aggressive field deployment scenarios, for both recording and playback. I haven't run with it, but I do walk with it, with the player bobbing up and down in my pocket - not even a single skipped beat. Its survived a couple of falls already (maybe even three or more), to the point where the battery compartment would open and the battery fall out. We even recorded a DJ set in the middle of a field in Ankara, powering the device by a pickup truck/inverter combo: All smooth as silk! Enjoy the sets,
  3. I have ignored your advice before and I will have to continue ignoring it as I don't have another HiMD unit to replace the RH1 in field deployment scenarios. Try not to take it personally. I am not sure I understand why I need a new remote, perhaps you can enlighten me in this regard. To the best of my knowledge, there is no way to change the remote language of the RH1. If there is, the instructions above do not address the RH1 model.
  4. The menu button on the RH1 already displays an English menu, and the remote for the RH1 has no menu button. Unfortunately, the RH1 remote is still stuck in Japanese mode.
  5. I am very excited to hear that a language change is possible for this device! However, I am lost at the first step - "push in the wheel"... Where exactly is this wheel? The volume wheel on the remote cannot be pushed in anywhere, it only turns left or right. The play/forward/reverse button can be pushed in, but pushing it in just plays a track (or does nothing if an MD is not inserted); moreover, it is not a wheel...
  6. Well, the digital recording finally works, after multiple sets of intermediary cables! The issue was indeed the output KHz, I reduced it from 96 to 48 and it worked like a charm. The club mixer settings helped out with that. I also have various choices for digital signal output - -19dB, -15dB, -10dB, and -5dB. The default was -19, but it sounded too low, so I set it to -15 because there was audible distortion at -10. Is -15 a good bet then for the digital out dB setting?
  7. Hmm, do you think I can find brand new cassette walkmans on that site as well?
  8. Hmm, do you have any online links to product listings, perhaps? I must admit I'm not excited about the idea of more Japanese language-only products though.
  9. Hmm, no new models of those items are available sadly, I checked both eBay and Amazon...
  10. Still, isn't my idea then viable to record on the actual unit with the radio itself, directly, through the line-in?
  11. Does anyone have a non-Japanese remote which explains what this means? I figured maybe it means Arena or something. I got new headphones today so I am eager to try them out again (Flares Pro) and check if they improve the bass. Is it possible to buy English language remotes for this device anywhere? I've finally found some English units on eBay, but they're quite pricey. Would have been great to just get the remotes in my language, since only they are in Japanese.
  12. I would be happy with that. Did you test the remotes, are you sure?
  13. So what do you think about the radio loopback idea for recording? Would the remote work? BTW I just discovered the "A" surround mode on my device. The remote text is in Japanese so I don't know what the "A" stands for, but my latest set sounds awesome with "A" surround: This recording was made in Hi-SP mode with the same device. I would have tried PCM, but it wouldn't fit the full two hour program.
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