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  1. Charging the MZ-NF810

    I think I've already done enough damage to this thing without opening it up and sharpening the battery contacts myself. It seems odd that a brand new battery would arrive totally DOA. It should have had enough charge to at least turn the player on for a few seconds. Next options I think are to either buy a new battery, which I doubt will work, or buy a charger for the battery itself and see if it works then. I'm out of money right now though. Blew it all on pre-recorded discs!
  2. Charging the MZ-NF810

    Now I really wish I hadn't tried to play the mechanic at 4am last night. Well the door has a touch of springiness still, but less than before I mucked about with it. I wish I could just pay someone to sort this thing out for me. Gave this a go. I pressed stop once and the disc stopped spinning, but there was no indication on the screen that it was charging. Pressed stop a second time and the screen turned off, and neither the buttons or inserting a disc would turn the power on until I unplugged the AC and reinserted it. Left it like that for a few hours, but it didn't charge the machine at all.
  3. Charging the MZ-NF810

    Thanks for the response. If the battery is dead that's a pretty poor show, as I just took it out of the packaging a few days ago. Here is what I use. I stripped the plastic away from the bottom to see if it was blocking the contacts, but nope. This is the only brand that appears to be for sale in europe, and other people on this board have said they're fine. Is replacing it the thing to do? On closer inspection, what little remains of the blue battery acid is not on the part that touches the nipple on the battery
  4. Charging the MZ-NF810

    Greetings minidisc enthusiasts I'm very excited to get my collection rolling but I'm having an issue with charging the MZ-NF810. The battery it came with was leaking so I replaced it with an orange vapex 1450 mAh battery. I cleaned the corrosion off the contact and have left a faint touch of blue that I haven't yet been able to shift, but it's mostly gone. (Pic) The player works using the AA battery sidecar and plugging the AC in directly to the port (3V AC-MZR55, no dock) but these don't charge the battery at all, and if the battery had any charge in it straight from the packaging then it's not working. What shall I do? I've considered getting a dock, though it just appears to be a stand that holds the AC adaptor I already have. I'm considering getting a charger that holds the gumstick battery, but I think this might be a connection issue. I saw in another thread someone mention a tab in the battery slot they pulled out which solved the problem? Looking inside I see a little ridge that recesses when pushed. The - contacts at the bottom look shiny and clean. Anyone know the problem?