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  1. Confirmation that the BCA-NWHD3 adapter also works with the NH1. It also works for power/charging when a 6V adapter is connected.
  2. I was fortunate enough to spot a BCA-MZNH1 stand when it appeared on eBay at the weekend and snapped it up - I have uploaded a photo that confirms that the NH1 definitely requires 6V. I also tested my power supply with a multi-meter and it is delivering 6.15V but not sure what current is being delivered as the multi-voltage adapter delivers 3-12V max 1.2A. The end result is the same though, the charge light comes on for almost 20 seconds and then goes off (as does the display on the NH1) - I left it on the stand overnight with power connected but still no life from the battery so Jimma's
  3. I understand your reluctance to cut off the plate on your BCA-NWHD3 adapter as they are now in short supply and you would be in the hands of the profiteers if you wanted to get a replacement and you also don't want to risk your NH1. But as my NH1 had been languishing in my loft for a decade I felt it worth the risk - and it appears to have been worth it! I ordered a cheap (Dremel-a-like) rotary drill from eBay and, when that arrived on Saturday, removed the plastic tab from the HWHD3 adapter and connected it to the NH1 and connected a multi-voltage power supply (set to 6V) - the charge li
  4. Hi, This is very helpful as I have been looking for a solution for my NH1 - http://forums.sonyinsider.com/topic/30290-need-mz-nh1-cradle/ - so it looks like the N10 and Nh1 share the same connector as the NW-HD3 so your solution should also work for the NH1!
  5. I bought the cable from the seller and, when connected to my Dell Latitude E4310 notebook, it transfers files to a disc in the NH1 and plays tracks on the NH1 using the controls in Sonic Stage (but does not charge it as was pointed out earlier in this thread) plus the display comes up so I have confirmed that the NH1 is still in good working order and worth investing in. And now for the interesting bit - the seller I bought the cable from confirmed that the " SONY MZ N10 MINIDISC CHARGING STAND DOCK BCA WM21U " will work and charge the mz-nh1 but is a very very tight fit for the unit, wh
  6. I messaged the seller to query if it charges the NH1 or if it is just for data transfer - he is selling an NH1 (and an RH1) so he has the ability to test it as he is asking big money for it! Unfortunately some eBay sellers do tend to cash in on the rarity of accessories - from my perspective, the price is worth paying if I get the end result I am hoping for - I am hoping to connect a mini disc to my Denon UD-M30 receiver (as I am now permanently working from home) and thought the NH1 would look good on it's stand sat astride the mini hi-fi.
  7. Thanks for the response, I did see the stand for sale in Germany and also one in USA but import duties now apply even from Germany so that would add more expense before finding out if the NH1 even works after a decade or more in storage. Do you think that this cable would power the up/charge the NH1 or would it be just for data sync? My NH900 no longer charges or powers up from the gumstick battery but I don't need to plug in the charger when it is connected to my notebook via mini USB cable for transferring files so I would hope that this is the same?
  8. I did find this charger (currently out of stock) from a company that sells the LIP-4WM batteries - https://www.smallbattery.company.org.uk/sbc_u-charger.htm - which might be suitable, when it is available again.
  9. Hi, I am in England and have just discovered my MZ-NH1 (and LIP-4WM battery) in a box in my loft - I want to check it works before tracking down the elusive BCA-MZNH1 dock/charge stand and this charger might be ideal but the link is old and web search doesn't return any results. Do you have any details of the manufacturer/model of the charger to assist my search? Thanks pd
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