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Found 19 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum, and let me say that I love to see the love and conversation about MiniDisc keep going on I'm popping in just to let you know that I've recently released an app for NetMD devices. I wrote the app mainly for myself, but I thought it might be useful for some of you too! So, and here's the link to use it -> https://stefano.brilli.me/webminidisc/ And here's a short demo of how app works Any feedback is welcome! Stefano
  2. Hello everyone, this is my first post in this forum... I've recently discovered that the BCA-NWHD3 adapter that came with the Sony NW-HD3 player can also be used with Sony MZ-N10 NetMD player. Both devices have the same proprietary port for data transfer and charging. All you need to do is to cut a piece of plastic that supports the adapter when connecting to the device (I used my Dremel tool to cut it; very easy stuff). Then you can attach the adapter to MZ-N10 and use a regular mini USB cable to connect the MD player to your computer. You can also charge the player via DC-in jack with a
  3. Hello, I dug out my old MZ-N510, installed SS 4.3 Ultimate, and connected the device fully expecting to be able to NetMD transfer from my Vista 32 laptop. However, there is no option in the drop-down list to select NetMD for the transfer. Did the version of SS 4.3 Ultimate have Vista drivers? It appears that the MZ-N510 is not recognized. Please advise. Thanks. SonicStage : SonicStage Security Update Program : SonicStage Add-on : OpenMG Secure Module : MagicGate Memory Stick Device : Ez
  4. I just recently got a MZ-N505 second hand. And when I put a disc in it reads it, then starts playing, it even has the bar up top showing the levels. BUT there is no sound coming from the player. I know that the disc's are good because I have a MZ-NE410 and the discs play just fine on those. I dont have the remote for the MZ-N505 but I did try another remote I had. Does anyone have a clue as to what the issue might be that I can not get sound out of this player? I have also tried other headphones for the player as well.
  5. Version Version 1.5


    This driver will install in place of ALL known 32-bit NetMD drivers (eg NETMDUSB.SYS, NETMD031.SYS, NETMD033.SYS). It is to be used on all versions of Windows, including 7 and 8. It WILL NOT work on Windows64 (the usual version for Windows 7 and 8)in any version of Windows. For that you need the (pinned) upload called "NetMD Driver 64-bit Win7 or Vista" elsewhere in this downloads section. To get the benefit of fast NetMD upload on the MZ-RH1 (and MZ-M200) you must follow the steps in the first post here: Ignore that step if you have never installed a NetMD driver bef
  6. Have a Sony MD Walkman (MZ-NE410), its case, a md, and a battery. This would be for someone who already has the Sonicstage software. If interested, I will post pictures. Thanks.
  7. Hey all, Recently came across a NetMD MiniDisc player (MZ-NE410) and was having some trouble with it. While it does work and plays discs fine, it seems to have a problem staying on. Whenever even a bit of pressure is put on the lid of the player (whether there be a disc in it or not), the unit shuts off. I thought it was a problem with the battery compartment but after trying multiple batteries and different methods, this phenomenon only seems to only happen when putting pressure on the lid. Any ideas? Thanks.
  8. I've not this has been asked countless times before but on reading different previous posts I'm getting confused. If I have some NetMD LP2 and LP4 recordings, what is the best settings to use when transferring them from my RH1 to and laptop? What about SP recordings? I'm sure I read that true SP cannot be transferred due to licencing issues. Once I have them on my laptop, what is the best way to archive them without DRM, without any further loss of quality? I'm sure someone suggest OMA files but do they have DRM? or can the FLC software remove the DRM? If my laptop crashed
  9. NetMD driver (NETMD052) for all 32-bit Windows, View File This driver will install in place of ALL known 32-bit NetMD drivers (eg NETMDUSB.SYS, NETMD031.SYS, NETMD033.SYS). It is to be used on all versions of Windows, including 7 and 8. It WILL NOT work on Windows64 (the usual version for Windows 7 and 8)in any version of Windows. For that you need the (pinned) upload called "NetMD Driver 64-bit Win7 or Vista" elsewhere in this downloads section. To get the benefit of fast NetMD upload on the MZ-RH1 (and MZ-M200) you must follow the steps in the first po
  10. Hi, I just got a Sony MZ-N505 MD player and I cant get any drivers to install for it. It isnt recognized by SonicStage. I do see it as a "NetMD Walkman" ins Devices and Printers. I'm currently running windows 8.1 and SonicStage 4.3. I have manually downloaded drivers from this site, but when I go to install them I always get some random hash error. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Mint condition, less than 200 total running hours, bright display, scratch free front. Original box, remote, manual. Free shipping within Europe, fully tracked and insured. PM me for details. Up for a few days only.
  12. Has anyone got a solution for this problem: SonicStage will rip my CDs and import music on my PC. It recognises the NetMD (I've tried three different units) but when I try to transfer my music it says it can't transfer the tracks. There is no DRM attached to any of the tracks and the NetMD used to work fine on my ancient HP laptop. I'm running Windows XP Media Center Edition (2004) and I'd hoped to use the laptop purely for music transferring duties. I've tried SS 4.3 Ultimate Edition and when that didn't work I uninstalled and downgraded to ver 3.4 with the same disappointing results. Any sug
  13. Good morning! Question: Are there any late model mini-deck recorders with NetMD (or other PC-linked titling capability) that'll record from optical using a type R or S DSP? Long version: I have a 7700-MDX deck in the car and I am currently recording discs for it via optical output on the PC, using SonicStage to sort and label tracks, using my NH900 portable recorder. The NH900 is a little fiddly, with buttons that require dedication to use, a screen that's hard to read in all lighting conditions, and a frustrating menu system with functions split between device and remot
  14. I have a Sony MZ-N505 MiniDisc player, with a Mini-USB connection port on the side, and my computer simply will not see it, as in it simply doesn't show up on the system. I have SonicStage installed, I have the drivers ready to go, but I can't for the life of me get my computer even recognize that I've connected it to the USB port. For reference, I'm using a Dell laptop with 8 gigs of RAM, an AMD A6 chip, and integrated graphics. I've tried to connect to all three USB ports, included the USB 3.0 port, but I've had no luck. Any suggestions?
  15. Hello everyone. Recently I've bought some MDs for recording. They all were nicely playing and eraseable except for one of them. When I insert it into my MZ-R30, I can see it play but can't hear anything. If I try to erase anything, I get a TrPROTECT error. I don't have any means of getting a second MD deck that supports NetMD or is pre-NetMD (the MZ-R30 is pre-NetMD too, but for some reason it won't ignore the flag). Any ideas? Maybe anyone knows the exact temperature to heat an MD up to in order to be able to remagnetize the whole MD with a neodymium HDD magnet?
  16. Got something off ebay cheap. Mods can delete this thread.
  17. So I'm not new to Minidisc (as the title says). It is a format I've been familiar with since ... 2003? 2004? I was at secondary (high) school at the time I had my first player. It was a Sharp MD MT80, although for some strange reason, I could have sworn the screen and buttons were the opposite way around. Funny how memory works. Back then it was recording music from a CD player track by track, which often helped kill boredom, but its not something I would have the patients for nowadays. Which is why, in my search to get back into the format, I aquired a NetMD device from eBay. It cost
  18. I've recently come back into using minidiscs after an hiatus of a few years and invested in RH1 and NH700 Hi-Md portables. I was wondering if anyone has compared using a portable HI-MD unit for importing mp3 files from a PC (I use Win XP) through SonicStage (I'm using v4.3 ultimate release 2, generally with NetMD LP2 mode) with one of the later NetMD decks, such as the JB980 or JE780 - is there a significant difference in the speed of transfer or any other factors favouring the use of the Hi-MD units for recording. I appreciate that that the Mp3 to ATRAC conversion by SonicStage may not be
  19. Anyone with user experience of this unit which dates from around 2001 - I thought it might make a good compact NetMD unit to be kept next to the PC, but probably difficult to find now. Thanks, Clive
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