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  1. I'm holding on to Windows 7 (64) a while longer
  2. Don't toss your ATRAC files. See if you can play them with VLC Media Player (it's free).
  3. So far my installation of Windows 7 (64) today will play my .OMA files, using VLC. It's not like it was when we all began. But I would prefer to be able to use Sonic Stage, or as much of it, as possible. I have not installed Sonic Stage under Windows 7, yet, or the other programs that work with Sonic Stage. I'm hoping to hear from people with experience with Windows 7 and this kind of change in operating systems so I can work out a plan to do this right. I remember in previous years we had hours of trouble dealing with the Sony MD recorders and Sonic Stage.
  4. It's April, 2015, and I am among those forced to move from XP (32) to a replacement, in my case Windows 7 (64). Sonic Stage did work on my XP installation, and I have kept a backup of it. Some functions required users to access a Sony web site to validate or "authorize" an installation, so normal functions of Sonic Stage would be permitted by their administration. Does this web page server still operate? If not, is there a file that is part of my backup that should be used? I am not willing to lose my previously transferred recordings, most of which were made with a microphone at public
  5. I am running Sonic Stage on an XP machine. I am about to upgrade it to Win 7. It would be helpful to have a succinct list of the steps involved in transferring everything over. The only ATRAC files I have are ones I made myself - - they are not set up with copy protection. I continue to make new recordings with a MZN10, a MZRH1 and a MDSJE480. Many of my existing files have been converted to .mp3. (Sorry, I don't know German.)
  6. I have Sony Sonic Stage 4.3 software installed on this desktop PC. It has worked as expected for several years. With it I can select .mp3 files and make an .mp3 disk, or Sony ATRAC files and make an ATRAC disk. I should also be able to use Windows, without Sonic Stage, to create disks. Using Windows XP, I selected the .mp3 files I wanted to burn, right-clicked and selected 'Send to and the CD drive' with blank CD loaded. I selected "write these files to CD." I got the error message: "There is no disc in the drive. Please insert a writable CD into drive I:. Note: A writable CD is a
  7. I record a favorite weekly radio show with Mini Disks. I transfer the files to my PC, and re-use the Mini disk. For a period of time I used the PC to make Atrac CDs, which play on a Sony CD player that handles all audio formats. It is a boom box I bought at the local Sony store when the model was closed out (ZS-SN10). Since availability of Atrac players is very limited, and the Atrac CDs will not play in my car, I have changed my procedures. Now I use the PC to convert Atrac to the .mp3 format. So while I have a number of radio programs on Atrac disk that I'm not throwing away, all the l
  8. Yes. I hope they are posted where they can be found easily. I did look around for them but didn't locate the discussion. Thanks.
  9. Will ATRAC 4.3 work with Windows 64 bit? Or is a 32 Bit version required? I am currently running ATRAC 4.3 with Windows XP Pro, Service Pack 3, 32 bit. This works OK. I understand Windows 7 is available in both 32 and 64 Bit. Will ATRAC 4.3 work with Windows 7, 64 Bit? Or is the 32 Bit version required? Will it work with Windows 8 or 8.1 with 64 Bit? Or is the 32 Bit version required? Thanks
  10. Maybe, just maybe, there are different sampling rates for different Sony MD recorders? I don't know - - but do know I can record on one and play back on another, of the several that I own.
  11. So far I have not been able to find settings for my Sound Blaster card that lets me "disable DSP" or set it for 44.1 kHz. The sound card is a model SB1040EF ("Blaster X-Fi Extreme Audio"). It comes with a control program that includes a help utility that applies to more than this model. This includes more than the control program, will do. It says Some choices are different for selected audio devices. The range of sampling rates available may vary with the mode currently selected. I also do not see anything there about "ReplayGain."
  12. A footnote: If Sony were still in business with these products, I would bring up this topic with their representatives who manage their demos at conventions, particularly the CES. There used to be Audio magazines that would jump at the opportunity for meaningful articles on topics like this. I'm trying to head in the direction of getting the best experience I can have from the equipment I have.
  13. Will try these things - - I just wish this had been documented in the Sony user manual for the product. (More, later)
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