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  1. Is my NWZ-a818 faulty ?

    Thanks A0B9 for your clarifications. I'm surprised & disappointed that you cannot play tracks directly from the Walkman. I often plug my 3G ipod into the media PC & play tracks directly off it. I took it for granted that all of todays MP3 players could do this . Anyone else using A818 with XP service pack 2 (hotfixed to date in my case) & experiencing problems or am i unique ? Strange thing is I'm same having problems when connected to my PC or laptop. Im guessing its a problem with MTP drivers. Another question - Does wmp11/MM resize the artwork so that it is a more efficient size as some of the downloaded artwork is sometimes quite large. I'm guessing all that is required is 320x200 in 16bit to do the job. Thanks
  2. Is my NWZ-a818 faulty ?

    Hello, I just purchased the NWZ-A818 & I'm having some problems. I'm not sure if the Walkman is faulty/buggy or my expectations are incorrect. Can someone please help to answer following: 1. When i connect the walkman to my pc (xp sp2) - should the message 'connecting USB (MTP)' remain on the walkman whilst its connected ? Not change to 'connected' or something eventually ? 2. Whilst its connected to the PC, i can view & administer the songs already on the walkman with WMP11 or Monkeymedia but i cannot actually play them - I would have thought this is possible. Also i cannot see the associated album art that is already on the walkman. Is this normal ? 3. I am experiencing strange strange behaviour when the Walkman is connected to the PC. I am unable tolaunch applications - they are visbile in task manager as running processes but dont actually run. E.g IE, Winamp, Firefox.. i thik pretty much everything. Lukily i can get monkeymedia to still work. 4. I already have WMP11 installed. Does the supplied version on CD have extra installation features so i should install that one ? Do i need any other pre-requisite software/drivers to get PC connectivity working smoothly ? BTW Walkman shows as being FW ver. 1.0 Thanks