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  1. New SonicStage CP 4.3

    is there a standalone install version of ss 4.3 ?? if not, when will it be ready ?? thanks alot
  2. What's in Your Audio Player?

    My friend gave me the Buddha bar collections from vol. 1 to vol.8. I must say it is breathtaking and astonishing. The mix of ethnic music with cotemporary western fusion music. Power !!!!!!
  3. synchronize the deleting process

    i am not sure whether this question have been answered or asked before. In sonicstage, I want to delete some tracks in the "my library". Is there a way to automatically synchronize the deleting process with my atrac device (NW-HD5). I don’t want to manually delete the tracks in transfer mode. Thanks alot
  4. Sony BWU-100A (2x Blu-ray Writer) Review

    Sony BWU-100A (2x Blu-ray Writer) Hardwarezone Review
  5. Here in singapore, there is a creative warehouse sale coming this 22nd friday 2006. 22 Dec: From 1100 - 2400 hrs (sg time) 23 & 24 Dec: All day, round-the-clock (sg time) 25 Dec: From 0000 - 0100 hrs (sg time) Download flyer here
  6. Creative Wireless Headphones SE2300

    Lightweight design for music on the go The Creative Wireless Headphones SE2300 gives you stylish comfort without the hassle of a headband. Ideal for the self-conscious who don't want their hair messed up, the Wireless Headphones SE2300 is truly a convenient way to listen to your music, via Bluetooth, without the hassle of cords getting in the way of your movement. Simply clip the plush earphones over your ears, connect the audio adapter to your favourite music player, and start enjoying great music anytime, anywhere. Light as a feather Enjoy your music without getting bogged down. The Wireless Headphones SE2300 is so lightweight (~53g), you won't feel its weight. With the latest Bluetooth technology, feel a whole level of unprecedented freedom. Exceptional audio clarity Experience clarity with any kind of music through the 30mm Neodymium headphone drivers. Easy controls at your fingertips Command your music while on the move. The built-in volume control makes personal adjustment a cinch. Slim is in At only 6mm thin, the transmitter hides unobtrusively in your shirt pocket, purse or even handbag. Listen to your music up to a distance of 10 meters (32.8 feet). Dual charging convenience Charge the headphones either via AC or USB - the bundled USB Y-cable and AC Adapter ensures you'll have enough juice to let your music last the mile. (Up to 8 hours). www.creative.com
  7. NW-HD5 in latest Bond film?

    i also hate the movie also. i think the worst bond movie. it does not have the elements of a typical bond films. haha. the only part i like was when i saw the nw-hd5 during the initial part of the movie.
  8. Backlight of RM-MC40ELK has stop working.

    sad so say, sony does not provide warrenty for the remote since i buy seperate for my hd5
  9. Backlight of RM-MC40ELK has stop working.

    this crazy but the backlight is back again. strange man don't know when it will go off. haha
  10. This Vs That

    although i am in atrac forum, no offence but I will go with lame. neo vs smith
  11. Backlight of RM-MC40ELK has stop working.

    Can pls advise. i don't want to come to a conclusion that i have buy a new remote. sad
  12. This Vs That

    Shanye Ward superman vs spiderman
  13. Backlight of RM-MC40ELK has stop working.

    all of a sudden, the backlight of my rm-40elk stop working. the backlight of my nw-hd is working. have anyone encounter this problem. this is my second time i am encountering this problem. for the 1st time, the backlight came back suddenly after i press various buttons togeather which i don't remember now. please help and advise. thanks alot.
  14. Creative ZEN AURVANA

    Creative unveils their version of in-ear phones The Creative ZEN AURVANA FEATURES Hit the streets with high fidelity audio. The Creative ZEN AURVANA In-Ear Earphones are premium earphones that significantly reduce up to 90% of ambient noise. Ergonomically designed, the ZEN AURVANA In-Ear Earphones completely transforms your listening experience. Powered by efficient Balanced Armature drivers, the earphones are acoustically tuned for exceptional audio performance. Precise Audio Reproduction: Balanced Armature drivers deliver pristine audio performance just like those found in hearing-aid and professional music recordingsSecure, comfortable fit: Specially selected silicon rubber that is hypoallergenic, durable and capable of shielding out unwanted noises.AuraSeal™ Noise Isolation: Contoured silicon rubber earbud shaped to optimally fit your ears for maximum noise-isolation and comfort.Works with iPod, ZEN and all other MP3 players: Perfect for any MP3 players, while making them sound even better.EarbudsThe ZEN AURVANA In-Ear Earphones comes with earbuds in 3 different sizes (2 sets included). Made of soft/contoured silicon rubber for comfort extra, you're always assured of a perfect fit. Y-junction Slider Change the length of the cables with the adjustment slider located near the Y-junction. Made of special materials to reduce microphonics, this greatly reduces annoying artifact when the cable is brushed against clothing. Airplane adaptor Clearer and detailed audio can now be a part of your plane ride. By isolating ambient noise, such as the outside hum of an airplane's engine, enjoy your favorite in-flight movie or music in pristine audio clarity. The included airplane adaptor fits perfectly into your seat socket. Cleaning Tool Keep the ZEN AURVANA In-Ear Earphones in pristine condition with the cleaning tool, packaged with the earphones. Travel Case Carry the earphones conveniently with you everywhere with this compact and sleek travel case. The integrated cable management unit ensures a neat, tangle-free storage while the silicon rubber base prevents accidental slippage on tables, such as on an airplane tray-table. ZEN AURVANA Balanced Armature driver AuraSeal™ noise isolation technology immerses you in your music by blocking out up to 90% of ambient noise. Nearly twice as effective as leading noise cancellation headphones.Ergonomically designed, the soft contoured silicon earbuds ensure a secure fit and are comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time.Double-injection moulded enclosure with high-gloss finishing for durability.Ultrasonically sealed enclosure delivers distortion-free audio and weighs only 13g (0.46 oz), making it the lightest set of earphones in its class. At PC Show 2006 Singapore Creative's Booth They are so confident of its audio quality that they even provide competing headphones from Shure for your audio testing. Source http://www.hardwarezone.com http://sg.creative.com/welcome.asp
  15. What's in Your Audio Player?

    In My HD5 Simply a Masterpiece..........