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  1. Daniyar Nurgaliev has kindly made translations of several Sony technical papers on Minidisc: Sony's original paper on ATRAC Sony's original paper on the MiniDisc System Our FAQ on Sony's Hi-MD evolution of MiniDisc
  2. Gasper Halipovich kindly translates the Sony Minidisc and ATRAC technical papers into Slovenian.
  3. Aiwa AM-F65/70 substitute battery

    André Nieuwlaat kindly points out a substitute battery for the Aiwa AM-F65/70 to keep the machine going even though the original battery is no longer available.
  4. Anja Skrba kindly translates the original Sony ATRAC article into Serbo-Croatian.
  5. Currently a happy Minidisc user?

    I am looking for a preferably UK based user of Minidisc to briefly comment on why they love using the technology today, as part of an article on old gadgets for a national UK newspaper. If you are interested, drop me a line at tmlvrz@gmail.com
  6. From Slashdot: The BBC reports that Sony, the creators of the MiniDisc audio format, are to deliver their last MiniDisc stereo system in March (March 2013). Launched over 20 years ago in late 1992 as a would-be successor to the original audio cassette, MiniDisc outlasted Philips' rival Digital Compact Cassette format, but never enjoyed major success outside Japan. Other manufacturers will continue making MiniDisc players, but this is a sign that — over ten years after the first iPod — the MiniDisc now belongs to a bygone era." I think 20 years for an audio format is a pretty good run (Minidisc Walkman units ceased production in 2011). -Eric W.
  7. Service manuals

    Jimma Panik kindly sends in service manuals for the Kenwood KMD-671R (car MD) and Sony MDS-JB920 MDS-JB920 MDS-S38 MZ-DH10P MZ-E70 MZ-E710 MZ-G755 MZ-N910 MZ-NF520D MZ-R701 MZ-R910 and MZ-RH910. Did you know that the MDS-101 (Sony's first MD deck) had separate ATRAC chips for the left and right channels?
  8. Sony to End Minidisc Walkman Production

    Many sources are reporting today that Sony will cease Minidisc production in September. The format has had a great 19 year run during which Sony sold over 22 million devices. Bookshelf HiFi systems and blank MD media will continue to be produced for another year.
  9. Sony DKR-700 User Manual

    Philippe Bergheaud kindly sends along the Sony DKR-700 digital still-image recorder's user operation manual (in French and English). This unit is industrial lab equipment that uses MD-DATA Minidiscs for storage.
  10. Panasonic SJ-MJ50 manual

    Gerd Reichardt kindly sends in his scan of the English Panasonic SJ-MJ50 manual.
  11. Sony MZ-M200 refurb for $285 from Sony

    A reader kindly points out that 3 refurbished Sony MZ-M200 portable MD recorders with full warranty are available from Sony.
  12. Make Magazine has an interesting article detailing Sony's history of working against their customer's efforts to do new things with Sony hardware. In Make's article they encourage sending a polite letter to Sony (using their press contact page) asking them to drop their lawsuit against George Holtz. Read the letter we sent: +++ Dear Sony, As longtime fans of Sony products and innovation, we ask that you find a way to embrace the work that enthusiastic explorers like George Hotz are putting into your products. We are sure that there is a natural synergy between the pioneering work that Sony does and the experimentation and discovery work of Sony's most avid users. Please drop your suit against George Hotz and find your way to encouraging this synergy rather than thwarting it. Thank you, Eric Woudenberg Minidisc.org
  13. Carlos sends Marantz MD-19 photos

    Carlos kindly sends in photos of his Marantz MD-19 deck
  14. Search box repaired

    Happy New Year! We've updated the search box to use the Google site-search feature. Please let us know if you find any problems.
  15. Please welcome Darrin of Pause Play Stop

    Darrin at PausePlayStop.com (n