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  1. I bought an Analog to Digital Convertor and Toslink to Mini Plug optical cord. I have the complete MZ-N707 package somewhere with everything still inside, including the software disc, but can't find it. So, I've been recording direct from my new CD Player to MD using a high quality 1/8" to 1/8" cable, and now I've recorded one disc using the Convertor and Optic Cable. I'm sure it's the CD, because the Optic recording is of a live Jerry Garcia recording, but the Analog recording of the new Megadeth recording blows away the Optic recording of a live disc. I'm going to record the same Megade
  2. I was wondering. Last night I tried recording with the microphone, and still get the Blank Disc message. I have tried both analog feeds. Is it possible for myOptical input to work using an ADC and optical cable? Meaning, can power be cut off to the magnetic head, and not the optical laser? I've been recording a lot of music today using my old broken MZ-N707. For analog input from my CD Player they sound amazing. my old one was bought in around 2002 or 2003. I'm wondering if the flexible leads on the original, first issue of the MZ-N707 had higher quality ribbon supplies, because the one t
  3. Thank You for the help. I took my microphone out last night, and I'm sure that I have the rotten recording ribbon. I'm glad that I hung on to the one that broke. Have any of You guys repaired the ribbon? I sent feelers out to Sony parts to see if any nos ribbons exist. I may send it to be repaired. It's probably cheaper to buy a revamped rack model for my stereo system. I just got a fancy new turntable and a pile of new vinyl, so I may as well have it wired up. I'll look for a good laptop with a quality CD-Rom or DVD. If I get my own she won't flip out. How hard is it to download the Soni
  4. I haven't recorded a mini disc since my wife upgraded her laptop. To be honest, I didn't know that You could record without the Sony software. Yesterday I went to WalMart and Radio Shack, and came home with a Digital to Analog Convertor (DUH!), an optic cable with Toslink and two mini plug convertors, and a fresh 1/8" to red and white RCA's. Today I took them all back, and came home with a shielded 1/8" to 1/8" mini plugs, and a thick, shielded 1/8" to r&w RCA's to use when the Analog to Digital Convertor and custom Toslink to mini plug optical cable That I need to order arrived.
  5. I was wondering if there are regulars here? I bought my first MD when they first came out. I had about 15 pre-recorded discs, and my ex-wife threw them away because She was jealous of them. She said that with the small player she thought I was trying to block her out without her knowing. I guess she was right. I actually took the garbage bag to the dump without knowing that my beloved discs were in there. At hey we're absolutely pristine, as I a) really believed that they would be rare someday, and I always talked immaculate care of my CD's. Every time that I buy a CD, if there's a "hype
  6. I want to record directly from my portable CD Player to my MZ-N707. I know that I need a 1/8" to RCA Analog Red/White Cord, An Analog to digital converter, and an optical cord running to the line in on my MZ-N707. Zen at I don't know I'd exactly what cable I need to go from the digital or optical side of the convertor. I don't know what a Toslink I'd, of if that's what I even need. The kind in looks like a 3.5mm round input, but is that optical of a mini plug. Do they make an optical cord that's square on one end and 1/8" round (3.5mm) on the line in end? I just need to know what cord g
  7. Hello folks. I am encouraged about the possibility of getting my MZ-N707 back on track. Since my wife changed from Vista to Windows 7, I have been without a method for going CD TO MD. Do I just download MIRACLE 4.3 onto my wife's Windows 7 Notebook? I don't understand what Windows 7 64 bit is, and if I crash her notebook I'm dead. I am a pretty low-tech guy. Can someone point me to a post showing how to download 4.3 to her notebook with Windows 7, and will it work well with my low-time MZ-N707? The only thing that AI want to do is transfer CD>MD. So, if You would be so kind, a link to
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